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What to Consider when Buying Plant Accessories

digger on hill

Feeling overwhelmed by the large selection of digger attachments available on the market? Here at Masterhitch we want to help make your decision a bit easier. To avoid wasting your time and money on plant accessories, it is essential to thoroughly understand what is needed to get the job done. We will take a look at the difference between buying new and used plant equipment, how to choose what company to use, and what digger attachments are available at Masterhitch.

New or Used Digger Attachments?

Deciding whether to opt for brand new attachments or save some money on used digger attachments can be difficult. New and used plant accessories can be viable options but offer different benefits.

Benefits of New Digger Attachments

If you choose to buy plant accessories from Masterhitch you will benefit from:

  • No wear and tear
  • Saving money in the long run
  • Digger attachments that are made to your specification
  • 12 month warranty on all buckets and attachments, and 6 months for breaker cradles
  • Direct relationship with manufacturer

Benefits of Used Digger Attachments

If you’re looking to buy used digger attachments for a short term project, you will save yourself money. However, due to already being used the wear and tear will mean that they will not be suitable for a long term solution.


Digger Attachments available at Masterhitch

There are a variety of individual digger attachments currently on the market, perfect for jobs big and small. Knowing which attachment is fit for the job at hand will not only save you time it will also save you money. At Masterhitch we have a range of digger attachments available including:

RippersRipper - Digger Attachment

This tooth-like attachment is the perfect tool for excavating hard materials such as rocks and tree roots to name a few. Make the most of this tool for jobs such as site preparation and land clearing. The ripper attachment is perfect for excavating thanks to its powerful design. 

Digging Grab

The Digging Grab is popular for a plethora of projects, due to the versatility of the attachment. Handling rocks and concrete comes easy when using the Digging Grab.

Hydra Grapples

Clearing can take an extensive amount of time for any building project. We would highly recommend investing in Hydra Grapples. This unique digger attachment is necessary for any site. It can even help pick up materials around a quarry site.

Concrete Pourer

The Concrete Pourer is perfect for pouring concrete, as the name suggest! Other than concrete this pouring attachment can precisely pour a cubic metre of fluid material. For example, you could use this one of a kind attachment to distribute gravel on your driveway.

Tree ShearsTree Shear Digger Attachment

Have you got trees and shrubs on your building site? The Tree Shear attachment is efficient in removing anything unwanted.  Masterhitch Tree Shears are made as standard and fit 13 tonne and 20 tonne machines. The Tree Shear attachment has the capacity to cut through trees that are 12 inches/300mm in diameter.

Digger Breakers

Get down to business with our Digger Breakers. This power plant accessory is great for road repairs, use on quarry sites and even breaking up tough pieces of ground.


Choosing a Dealer


Before investing in used plant accessories make sure you carry out your  research before hand. Be sure you know what size digger attachment you need to fit your machine. Doing this avoids a flood of disappointment and the project can commence straight away.

Seller reputation

Ensure you look into the background of any seller. Checking social media channels can help you get a sense on how reliable the seller is. Using trusted review sites such as Trust Pilot will highlight any previous complaints, if any.

Photos and Videos

Once you’ve decided on digger attachment specifications, and found a trustworthy seller remember to request photos! Or even better videos of the attachment in action to make sure it is in full working order. 

Do you require Delivery?

How will the digger attachment get to your destination? Certain sellers may offer to cover delivery or include it in your quote. If this is not the case you will need to find a price for a 3rd party delivery service.


About BuyADiggerBuyADigger logo

Masterhitch digger attachments are extremely versatile but they are useless without a digger. We work closely with our sister company, BuyADigger, who deal with the sales of used machinery. With a range of various aged machines, customers will be able to find something to suit their budget. 

If you’re overseas that’s not a problem at all. With the assistance of trusted transport companies, BuyADigger can accommodate delivery for international customers, including the transportation of our Masterhitch plant accessories.


Buy your Plant Accessories from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Masterhitch offers an exceptional service so look no further. We offer all the above plant accessories plus many more. Not only do we stock a large range of digger attachments, we  can also offer a bespoke service for any special attachment and bucket requirements. All of our excavator attachments are made using British Standard Steel, and the best quality components. 

Our experienced machine welders and engineers are always on hand should you require any assistance or have any questions. 

Give us a call today on: 01634 290022 or email us for a quote.


Hire or Buy a Digger attachment?


Have you got a construction project coming up, but you’re not sure whether to buy a digger attachment or hire the plant accessories you require? In the construction industry, the decision to hire or buy machine attachments and buckets is often heavily debated. Selecting between the two options can be daunting, but why should it be?


The single biggest element that could impact your choice between hiring and buying is the price. You should always have a budget in mind before you venture down any path. It is cheaper to hire plant accessories for your machines, but the cost can add up if need multiple hires. If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment, it will be more cost effective in the long run, but essentially it will come down to how often you would use the required digger attachments or buckets. 

If you are leaning towards buying your plant accessories, we would always suggest searching for multiple companies and comparing prices. The price may differ and you could potentially be saving yourself money, and if you purchase multiple attachments in one order, a further discount could be applied.

Length of the Project

Additionally, the length of the construction or demolition project could also influence your decision. It is always best to analyse your construction needs and determine how often you will require specific plant accessories, and how long you would use them for. If you have a long term need for a particular digger bucket or accessory, we would highly recommend for customers to buy a digger attachment over hiring. Hire companies could offer discounts for long term hires on equipment, but it will still be more costly than if you were to invest in your own digger equipment.  

Type of Equipment Needed

It’s always worth browsing the market for the particular type of construction equipment you’ll need. If it’s plant equipment that’s quite popular in the industry, in high demand or bespoke digger attachments that are unique, you never know if it will be hard to get your hands on it, when you really need to hire it. Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we create digger attachments and buckets that are unique to the market, so often it will be beneficial to buy a digger attachment instead of hiring one.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Choosing a trusted supplier of plant accessories can be difficult, but if you do decide to hire digger attachments instead then we can still help you. H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd is the hire division of the H.E. Group. With 10 UK based depots, the option of attachment hire will be easily accessible wherever you’re based. 

Our sister company have the following construction machinery available for hire:

  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Site Dumpers and Dumper Trucks
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Rollers

Here at Masterhitch we will make attachments at the request of customers to go out onto the hire fleet. Contact the sales team today and get an additional quote to hire a digger attachment. 

About BuyADigger

We work closely with another sister company, BuyADigger, who deal with the sales of used machinery. Customers can choose to purchase quick hitches, and various digger attachments and buckets when they purchase used construction machinery. 

If you’re based overseas and cannot source a hire company for your plant accessories, then the option of purchasing and international delivery will be available to you. At BuyADigger the sales team can provide you with a quote for the used plant equipment and attachments, along with a quote to deliver your equipment to you. Call the sales team today on: 01634 779123 for a quote. 

Buy a Digger Attachment or Bucket from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Should you require trapezoidal buckets or hydra grapples for your construction projects, we can assist you here at Masterhitch. If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment we stock them in standard sizes or bespoke manufacture them to fit your plant machines. We only use the highest quality British Standard Steel to ensure long lasting and durable attachments. Our experienced machine welders and engineers are always on hand should you require any assistance or have any questions. 

Give us a call today on: 01634 290022 or email us for a quote.


Concrete Pourer VS Concrete Mixer Truck

concrete pourer

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, our aim is to make excavator attachments to benefit work sites. The latest invention is the Concrete Pourer. You may have heard of the notorious concrete truck, so how does that compare to our Concrete Pourer? We believe our latest attachment is more effective and safer than any Concrete Trucks. Want to find out why?

What is Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most essential and well recognised building materials around the world. The versatile material has built a plethora of structures thanks to its 100 year durability. The trio mixture of water, aggregate and cement was previously used by the Egyptians and Romans. 

As you can imagine in a booming industry, research is constantly ongoing. This research has been mostly related to improving the durability of concrete. So, what about the innovation of specialist concrete machines? Concrete trucks are the most frequently used machines when it comes to transporting and moving cement around. How does it compare to Masterhitch’s latest innovation, the Concrete Pourer?

The Pros & Cons of Concrete Trucks

Cement truck pouring

At present, the industry is filled with concrete truck competitors, with the likes of Sany, Hanson and Scania. These multi-use machines were created with the purpose of helping projects of all shapes and sizes. They have stayed prevalent within the  industry over the years. Using a concrete truck helps avoid labour costs by decreasing the need for manual labour. They are also great for driving large volumes of the material to projects around the country. 

You can see why these machines would be tough concrete pouring competitors, but they also have their downfalls. If filled incorrectly it can create large dust clouds which could result in accidents on site. Concrete trucks are also hard to control and tend to get very messy, very quickly. 

Furthermore, even when it is filled correctly the cleaning after use is very difficult. Due to the shape and position of the mixer, it can be costly and time consuming. 

The Pros & Cons of the Concrete Pourer

Concrete Pourer - Digger Attachment

The Concrete Pourer has been created to change the way sites tackle concrete pouring. The unique attachment is designed with two spouts. One of the spouts is ideally placed for aiming the pouring concrete. Perfect for complex work and tight areas. The parallel spout pours facing the operator, giving a full view of the concrete. This bespoke digger attachment is unique across all industry competitors.  

Masterhitch’s latest attachment is clearly revolutionary, and eliminates the negatives of concrete trucks with its sleek design. Avoiding mess with its dual spouts, this design is also easy to clean. The only negative to is that the concrete pourer is most effective when controlled by an experienced digger operator. Anyone looking to use this digger attachment will need to ensure they have the ability to control a digger.

Why should you buy a digger attachment such as the Concrete Pourer from Masterhitch?

Here at Masterhitch, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We will custom make the concrete pourer to fit your plant machines. We stock the concrete pourer for 8 to 24 tonne machines, which are the common sizes on construction sites.

All of our excavator attachments are made using British Standard Steel, and the best quality components. You will be receiving long lasting plant accessories for your fleet.

If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment, contact us today for a quote or send us an email.

The Best Digger Attachments to use on a Quarry

digging grab

Have you got construction work on a quarry site to complete, but not sure what digger attachments would be best? This week, we bring you our Masterhitch guide to key plant accessories. All of the attachments needed can be supplied by us. We are leading digger bucket manufacturers and our team will be happy to assist.

What would you expect to see at a Quarry?

A quarry is an open site full of stone, and other construction materials that can be excavated. It is typically filled with limestone, sand, slate and gravel for construction companies to remove with the assistance of plant equipment. 

Individuals have been quarrying since the 14th century. Quarrying was very popular with Egyptians, and they would have built the great pyramids using limestone and rocks. In the early days, homemade tools such as chisels and hammers would have been used to extract the rocks, whereas today companies will use bespoke digger attachments and construction machinery to speed up the process.


Ripper - Digger Attachment

One of the most popular digger attachments seen on a quarry site are rippers. Also known as a ripper tooth, this excavator attachment will be incredibly beneficial to any company looking to extract rock at a quarry.

Due to the unique hook shape of the attachment, it can easily break up rocks to release them. They are also very useful for a lot of demolition work, as well as any hard materials that can’t be broken up with a bucket.

Our Masterhitch rippers can be made to fit the following machines:

  • 8 Tonne
  • 15 Tonne
  • 22 Tonne
  • 36 Tonne
  • 49 Tonne

The versatile ripper attachment can also be equipped to deal with breaking up tarmac, loosening troublesome tree stumps from the ground, as well as digging foundations for a trench.

Digging Grab

Digging Grab

The Masterhitch Digging Grab, also known as a clamshell grab, is another attachment we would recommend using. The digging grab is made up of two buckets, that can be purchased with or without teeth. Fitted with hydraulic rotation, it will allow operators to work in hard to reach places, or areas with restricted access.

This digger attachment is ideal for trench digging, landscaping, and picking up large rocks and other materials. The digging grab is also an essential plant accessory to have if you need to carry out any heavy duty digging.

Here at Masterhitch, the digging grab is available to fit 15 and 20 tonne machines, but if you require a size out of the standard stocked sizes then contact us today.

Hydra Grapples

Excavator attachments - Hydra Grapple

The Hydra Grapples made at Masterhitch come in three different sizes as standard:

  • 13 tonne 
  • 21 tonne
  • 30 ton machines

Despite the hydra grapple being made from such a simple, yet heavy duty design, it can have a mighty impact on any construction or demolition site. It is created from strong and durable British Standard Steel, to increase the strength and longevity of the attachment. It is great for forestry projects, site clearance and picking up any materials found at a quarry.

Digger Breaker

Mini Excavator - Digger Breaker

Our number one choice of digger attachments is the Digger Breaker. Any operator using our Masterhitch Digger Breaker will benefit from superior performance, efficiency and high durability as well as having a low impact on the environment.

A digger breaker will break apart rocks on any quarry with ease. Here at Masterhitch, we have made our digger breakers to fit machines ranging from 1 to 80 tonnes. 

Operators using a digger breaker will benefit from:

  • A powerful and robust attachment, that will be suitable for even the toughest of projects
  • Construction machinery will still be in a very good condition as the digger breaker will take most of the force

If you want to find out anything else about our digger breakers, read our previous blog post.

Which Machines are Typically Used on a Quarry Site

If you’re working on a quarry site, you will need to ensure you have the correct machinery for the job. Typically, dumper trucks are required for safely transporting material from one site to another. In this case we would recommend opting for a larger dumper truck such as a Hydrema 912E.

Excavators also make the perfect partner to any dumper truck. With the correct digger attachments, the operator will be able to place rocks directly into the dumper truck. When operating on a quarry, we would highly recommend customers use tracked excavators. Whether the digger is equipped with roadliner pads or steel tracks the operator will be able to manoeuvre over rocky or uneven terrain with ease.

A Komatsu PC490 LC-10, a large tracked excavator, would have enough power to move over any surface. Weighing over 48,000kg, the PC490 will be ideal for bigger projects, especially on quarries.

About BuyADigger

Having the correct construction machinery is just as important as the right digger attachments and buckets. We would highly recommend buying used plant equipment from our sister company BuyADigger. With a range of used machinery including:

  • Rollers
  • Site Dumpers & Dump Trucks
  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders

All of the machinery is purchased from new by the H.E. Group, and is on average only 3 years old. Therefore, you will be guaranteed machines in excellent condition, low hours and great prices. 

Here at Masterhitch we will also make any bespoke digger attachments for BuyADigger’s customers, should they request any of a standard size, or to meet their specifications. 

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Another sister company we work directly with are H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. If you aren’t looking to buy plant machinery at present, but are looking to hire for a couple of days, speak to the sales team at H.E. SERVICES. 

H.E. SERVICES also operate on a 3 year policy, and will replace the fleet to ensure the best machines are available for customers. If you choose to hire from one of their 10 UK based depots, you will receive fully serviced machines, plus 24 hour service for account customers. If you are based overseas, delivery is also available should it be required for any plant accessories.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Here at Masterhitch, we stock a range of standard fit sizes for all of our digger attachments and buckets, but we can always accommodate sizes outside of this to meet your requirements. If you need any other plant accessories that we haven’t already mentioned, get in contact with us today. We would be more than happy to give you a quote. Call us on 01634 290022 or enquire via our website.

What is a digger breaker?

digger breaker

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd we create only the best bespoke excavator attachments and buckets to fit your machines. If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment for your demolition projects, then we would definitely suggest our digger Breaker. A very popular, and versatile attachment for all of your construction needs.

What is a Digger Breaker?

Mini Excavator - Digger Breaker

A Masterhitch digger breaker is a powerful, precise attachment that is controlled by hydraulics. It is mounted directly onto various types of excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steers to break down concrete, rocks and hard surfaces.

It can also be used for the following types of work:

  • Demolition projects
  • Road repairs
  • Quarries
  • Groundbreaking work

Our digger breakers are developed to endure even the toughest of environments. Whether that is on a demolition site, or splitting up large rocks on a quarry site. 

What is a Digger Breaker used for?

The primary use for a digger breaker is to break down and break through concrete, rocks and other hard surfaces. Above all, they are seen a lot on demolition sites, especially when building structures are involved. 

Breakers are a great choice for breaking ground, in a safe and efficient manner. Although most attachments are versatile, if used incorrectly it could cause a lot of damage. A digger breaker would also be a great attachment to use for tasks including but not limited to tarmac cutting, any foundation work and trenching.

The cylindrical design of the digger breaker is beneficial for any construction sites with restricted access or limited space. 

What are the advantages of using a Digger Breaker?

Why should you pick a digger breaker over any other excavator attachment? Just a few advantages that you could benefit from include:

  • Low stress level on machinery – Using a robust attachment such as a digger breaker will take most of the force when breaking up material Therefore the machine will last longer
  • Using a digger breaker will ensure your machinery will be time efficient and productive. This particular attachment is light to operate, and will not weigh your machine down
  • Due to being fitted with hydraulics the attachment is very powerful and hard wearing

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Digger Breaker

We work very closely with our sister companies, especially H.E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd. We create a lot of bespoke excavator attachments for their customers, whether these are standard fit, or made to fit their specifications. H.E. SERVICES are the UK’s largest hire company, with 10 depots and a fleet of 3500 items of plant including:

  • Excavators
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Tractors 

If you’re looking to hire instead of buy your own digger breaker, H.E SERVICES can provide you with a competitive quote. Call the sales team today.

About BuyADigger

If you are looking for used plant equipment as well as excavator attachments, then get in touch with our sister company BuyADigger. They are responsible for the resale of all the used plant from Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES. With a range of various aged machines, customers will be able to find something to suit their budget. 

The sales team at BuyADigger will also be able to provide you with a quote for a digger breaker as well as a selection of other plant accessories. 

If you’re overseas that’s not a problem at all. With the assistance of trusted transport companies, BuyADigger can accommodate delivery for international customers.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

The digger breakers we make are suitable for 1 to 80 tonne machines. Although these are the standard sizes that we stock, we can also custom make these to your requirements. 

We also make our digger breakers to fit our Hooker Quick Hitch, but we will also make these to fit all types of quick hitch and “on pin” applications.

Due to the type of work carried out when using a digger breaker, we would highly recommend purchasing a breaker from new, in comparison to an already used one. For the safety of our customers we wouldn’t want the quality and durability to be reduced before they even begin using it.

If you’re looking to get a quote on a digger breaker or any of our bespoke excavator attachments, contact us today via email or give us a call on: 01634 290022.

Brokk Repairs, Buckets and Attachments

Brokk machinery

This week’s Masterhitch news focuses on the brand, Brokk. As the construction world is looking to convert to electric diggers, we take a look at the original electric digger, the history of the company and how Masterhitch can help. Are you new to the construction industry? Have you heard of the Brokk brand? Brokk are known for the creation of the definitive demolition robot. To date, over 7000 machines are used worldwide for various construction projects.

About Brokk

In 1976, entrepreneurs from PE Holmgren and Riveteknik joined together and developed the first Brokk remote-controlled robot in Sweden. Since this monumental period in time, the vision for Brokk focuses on looking to the future, and replacing dangerous tasks that would otherwise be carried out by a workforce. They aim to carry out these tasks using Brokk machines that are controlled by skilled operators. 

In 1981, the Brokk 250 emerged as the first mass produced remote controlled demolition machine. A few years on, various other models were made. Customers are beginning to purchase the Brokk 110 and 150 machines, which are being produced in new international subsidiaries around the world including the USA and the UK in 2000, as well as China in 2005.

In 2011 the biggest Brokk robot was produced, the Brokk 800. Weighing 11300kg with a recommended attachment weight of up to 600kg, the compact but powerful machine is suitable for a lot of heavy-duty work.

Did you know that Brokk machines were used to help clear the site after 9/11 attack? As well as containing the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, during the tsunami strike in 2011?  

In 2016, Brokk celebrated 40 years of producing innovative construction products.

Brokk machinery can be used for the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Tunnelling

Why should you choose Brokk?

As it is remote controlled it enables a safe working environment for all construction workers, especially when a larger Brokk machine is used, for example the Brokk 800

The all-electric Brokk digger will ensure the noise and vibration levels are kept to a low. This would be perfect for noise-sensitive areas, especially urban and built up areas.

Brokk machinery is very versatile, with an ever-growing list of Brokk attachments and buckets, you’ll be sure to find something suitable for the job at hand.

As Brokk machines is compact and agile it can fit into restrictive spaces and complete certain tasks, that a standard excavator wouldn’t be able to do. They are great for climbing over debris on a demolition site, and moving from floor to floor quickly in a multi-storey building.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

At Masterhitch, we make a large array of Brokk attachments and buckets, plus replacement parts for Brokk machines produced. We will make Brokk attachments for all sized machines. Whether you have a small compact machine to a large heavy duty Brokk machine, Masterhitch can help.

Most of the repairs we have done are to the arms or legs of the machines, but we have done some chassis repair to the smaller machines in the past as well. We can also make a range of ram guards, ripper teeth, extended cradles and replacement pins for Brokk machines.

We have a large cad library of parts and we are more than happy to assist our customers with any enquiries for a standard or bespoke digger attachment. Our team of skilled engineers and welders can assist with any of your enquiries, whether it be for a standard or bespoke attachment. We can bespoke manufacture your excavator attachments and buckets to meet your exact measurements and specifications.

Before and After Project

Here at Masterhitch, we have recently had a customer approach us with Brokk repairs. Their machine (Brokk 400) needed a leg mount on the front fixed. We have taken the opportunity to provide a before and after shot of the work carried out.


brokk repairs
Brokk machine repairs

Brokk repairs and attachments

We have made Brokk repairs and replacement parts for the following sized machines:

  • 50
  • 90
  • 150
  • 160
  • 180
  • 260
  • 330 A & B Variants
  • 400

As for cradles for the attachments we can cover all Brokk models. 

All of our digger attachments and buckets are made from the best components and British Standard Steel. Therefore, we can guarantee you will receive high quality, long lasting plant accessories. 

If you’re looking for Brokk repairs and replacement parts then contact us today for a quote on: 01634 290022 or email the team at: 

Excavator Buckets and Attachments made specially for Diggerland

Excavator attachments on a telehandler

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we are experts in the design and creation of all things plant related. Not only are we leading digger bucket manufacturers, but we can also make the best excavator buckets for any machines. 

We also work very closely with our sister companies, including the very popular attraction, Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks.

About Diggerland Theme Park

If you haven’t already heard of Diggerland, it is a unique construction based theme park that allows children as well as adults, to drive and operate real life plant equipment. Diggerland have four UK based theme parks in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. Visitors can enjoy the construction life for a day. The theme park has a large range of construction machinery including:

  • Mini and Midi Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Dumper Trucks
  • JCB 3CX Backhoe Loaders
  • JCB SSL 135 Skid Steers

The majority of the plant equipment used includes high-quality excavator buckets and attachments,  and that’s where we can help! As the machines are being operated by the public, we need to ensure the plant accessories created are the best quality possible.

Diggerland have 20 different rides and drives, each revolving around different construction machinery. Whether it be driving a dumper truck or navigating the course on a JCB Skid Steer, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Buried Treasure – Power RakesBuried Treasure Diggerland Attraction - Power rakes

The Buried Treasure attraction at Diggerland involves the operation of a Komatsu PC14 mini digger. The digger is equipped with a Masterhitch Power Rake, which is used to dig through gravel to find objects.

The Power Rake has been created with four tynes which allows small material to pass through. It sorts larger objects from the bulk of material. The amount of spokes on the power rake attachment will determine how wide the attachment is, and how much material can be picked up. In this case, it has been built for a smal scale digger attraction that is user friendly, and is easily operable.

Spindizzy – Excavator BucketsSpindizzy - Excavator Buckets

The most popular attraction to date across all four of the Diggerland parks is Spindizzy. The idea for this attraction evolved from the construction industry, incorporating a larger machine, a Komatsu PC210 digger. Here at Masterhitch, we have adapted standard excavators with unique excavator buckets. The design of this ride allows Diggerland customers to sit in the bucket of the machine, which is fitted with a restraint system for safety purposes. 

Spindizzy is a typical thrill-seeker ride that you would expect to see at theme parks, which makes use of construction machinery in a unique way. 

Groundshuttle & SkyshuttleGroundshuttle at Diggerland - Masterhitch custom attachments for diggers

At Diggerland, telehandlers are used in a number of attractions. If visitors take a ride on Groundshuttle and Skyshuttle, a JCB 540-170 and a Manitou MT1840 will elevate them off the ground. Here at Masterhitch, we have custom made a bespoke carriage for both of these rides, which are fitted with seats and restraints.

Skyshuttle uses the reach of the telehandler by lifting customers 50 feet in the air, and Groundshuttle allows customers to enjoy a bumpy ride over rocky ground. These excavator buckets are made to a unique size due to the type of ride. We can of course make buckets and attachments to meet your specifications.

Bucket Repairs and other Bespoke ServicesExcavator Buckets

Our services do not stop there when it comes to Diggerland. We also make all of the standard excavator buckets for all of the mini and midi diggers, as well as taking care of any bucket repairs.

Additionally, we also ensure the machines, especially the excavators, are kept in a great standard. We offer ram guard replacement where required to guarantee the safety of the plant machines on site for all visitors.

New rides?

We will be the first port of call for the design of new attractions for the park. Our latest project was Spindizzy, which was made a number of years ago. Is it time for a new addition? Watch this space!

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

We are based in Strood, Kent, with key links to all major distribution networks. All of our excavator buckets and attachments are made of British Standard Steel, with only the best state of the art machines in our workshop. We pride ourselves on the quality of all of our plant equipment.

If you’re looking to get a quote on any of our plant accessories, then contact us today on: 01634 290022. In addition, you can email us:

Which attachments would be best for sites supporting housing developments?

Digger attachments

With a huge growth in the number of new build houses being constructed in the UK, we want to take a look at the best digger attachments for housing development sites. If you’re a construction company purchasing used machines, or you already have existing machinery, then don’t forget about the all important digger attachments to go with them. Selecting the optimum excavator attachments will ensure you achieve maximum productivity on any work site.

Housing Development

In the UK alone, we have seen 173,660 new build houses completed up until June 2019, according to GOV.UK. With this number set to soar in the next few years it’s important to make sure that construction companies are using the best construction machinery and attachments possible to keep up with the high demand of new build homes.

Bellway Homes

Bellway Homes are one of the main housing providers in the UK. They have been building high quality houses around the UK for the last 70 years or so. Bellway homes and construction sites can be found in the most desirable locations. Whether you’re looking for a small one bedroom apartment, luxury penthouse or deluxe five bedroom houses, Bellway are sure to have what you’re looking for. On average, Bellway have overseen 5,000 new homes being built over the last few years.

Redrow Homes

Redrow homes are also another major housing company that you may have seen on your travels. With a vast network of 15 operational divisions and over 130 active housing sites across England and Wales, you won’t be far from a Redrow site. In October 2018 Redrow Homes saw the finish of their 100,000th home.

Barratt Homes

Across the UK, you may have also come across Barratt Homes. They are another huge company that have been housing experts since 1958. In 2018 alone, Barratt Homes built both private and affordable housing for the public, totalling 17,579 new homes. In 2014, they also built their 400,000th home. With a range of one bedroom flats to six bedroom houses, you will find accommodation for everyone.

Now you’ve heard of some of the main housing companies, next comes the construction work itself. Everyone knows that you may have the right construction machinery for the job, but paired with the most ideal digger attachments, and you could be limiting the amount of machines you actually need, due to the versatility of the attachments.

Concrete Pourer

One of the newest digger attachments to join Masterhitch is the Concrete Pourer. This particular attachment is proven to be very beneficial for construction sites. If the site is size restricted, big vehicles such as concrete mixer trucks may have limited access to the areas that need concreting. Operators can move an excavator, by extending the arm and pouring in the concrete mix. As the name suggests, the primary use for the digger attachment is to safely pour concrete. It is incredibly versatile, it could also spread materials such as gravel for a driveway.  

Due to the design of the Concrete Pourer, the two spouts allow the operator to accurately pour the concrete or material from any angle. View the attachment in action here.

Tree Shears

Tree Shears wouldn’t be a digger attachment you would expect to see, but is a useful attachment for the early and later stages of development. Before construction work begins, the land will need to be prepared for excavation. The tree shears can benefit workers by taking down trees and unwanted plants quickly and efficiently. In the later stages of the development process, it can be used to transport new shrubs and landscaping materials. The clamp on the attachment can then be used to aid planting.

If you would like to find out more about the Masterhitch Tree Shears, read our previous blog post

Digger Breaker

A digger breaker is great for demolition, and also for housing development projects. It can be used for the earlier stages of the site, for clearing and getting rid of any hard-wearing materials, that are proving difficult to remove from the site. All of the digger breakers made at Masterhitch can be made to fit our Hooker Quick Hitch, as well as standard pin fittings. They are also made as standard to fit plant equipment  from 1 to 80 tonnes, but if you require a digger breaker out of these sizes then contact us today. 

Why should you buy digger attachments from us?

What sets Masterhitch apart from all of our other competitors? We can provide our customers with bespoke services including the manufacturing of unique digger attachments and other plant accessories. We also have state of the art machinery and equipment to guarantee the highest quality available.

All of our digger attachment and buckets are made from the best British Standard Steel. This guarantees that we are making the safest attachments possible.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

We are leaders in the design and creation of a large amount of various digger attachments and buckets. All of our plant accessories are perfect for any construction, demolition and landscaping projects. 

Our team can help, and are able to advise when needed on the best attachments for the job.

Contact the team today by emailing: or give us a call to get a quote on any of our digger attachments and other plant accessories on: 01634 290022.

Introducing the Masterhitch Concrete Pourer

Concrete Pourer

Here is the Concrete Pourer Attachment. The latest excavator attachment to have been designed and engineered by Masterhitch Europe Ltd. 

What is a Concrete Pourer?

The Concrete Pourer is a digger attachment with two spouts.

One of the spouts is at the front of the attachment facing away from the machine. This is useful for the operator to aim the concrete when pouring into form-work or shuttering. 

The other spout is at the rear of the attachment facing towards the machine.  Pouring towards the machine gives the operator better vision. This in turn really helps with aiming the concrete accurately when pouring. 

Why use a Concrete Pourer?

As the name suggests, the Concrete Pourer Attachment is used for pouring concrete. However the design of this digger attachment makes it easy for an operator to aim better when pouring. This unique design enables it to spread concrete evenly in either direction. Which in turn should eliminate the need for construction workers to be in the immediate vicinity, during the pouring process. 

Want to see the Concrete Pourer in action?

Check out our video showing the Masterhitch Concrete Pourer Attachment in action. Here we demonstrate the Concrete Pourer’s capabilities using water. You can however pour one cubic metre of concrete or some other wet or fluid material. 

Which size of machine will this attachment fit?

Unlike other similar attachments available on the market, the Masterhitch Concrete Pourer can be attached to any machine from 8 tonnes up to 24 tonnes. These are typically the size of excavators most commonly found on construction sites.
The Masterhitch Concrete Pourer can be supplied with the facility for either standard pin or ‘Quick Hitch’ attachment.

“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

Masterhitch back all of their products with the “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. A full range of spare parts are readily available off the shelf. In addition, our staff have ample knowledge and are always on hand to offer help and support. 

About our sister company BuyADigger

If you are looking to buy used construction equipment, then you have come to the right place. Our sister company,  BuyADigger have many used machines for sale. The sales team are experts in used plant sales and they will ensure you find machines to meet your needs. BuyADigger aim to supply quality used machinery as well as digger attachments to customers worldwide. If you are looking to purchase plant equipment along with a Concrete Pourer, then contact BuyADigger today for a quote. 

Phone: 01634 779123 – Email:

About our sister H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

At Masterhitch we thrive working on customer projects. We also pride ourselves on the vast majority of digger attachments and buckets that we make for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd.

They are the hire division of the H.E. Group Ltd. As such, they hire out construction machinery to fleets and customers around the UK.

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd have a fleet containing: 

  • Excavators 
  • Telehandlers 
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • And Skid Steers, just to name a few.  

H.E. SERVICES can offer the hire option of plant machinery, complete with additional digger attachments and buckets. 

With 10 UK based depots, H.E. SERVICES can also arrange delivery overseas as well as for the UK. This is due to working with an extensive range of transport providers.

Purchase a Masterhitch Concrete Pourer plant attachment for your machines today!

The Masterhitch Concrete Pourer is proven to be a very versatile digger attachment, so add it to your fleet today. Call the team at Masterhitch today on: 01634 290022 or email: and we will provide you with a great quote. We can manufacture your digger attachments to be a custom made size, or a standard fit, and if you aren’t sure, we will be able to advise you. 

Why should you choose the Tree Shear excavator attachment?

Tree shears

With exciting and new unique attachments being designed and manufactured at Masterhitch, we thought we would start with the Tree Shears. With a fair amount of digger attachments and buckets it can be hard to select the correct attachment. This week we discuss what sorts of projects the tree shears are perfect for, as well as the various tree shears we stock at Masterhitch.

The tree shears will benefit any plant fleet, as well as individuals looking to clear trees in a timely manner. If this sounds of interest to you then find out more.

What are the Tree Shears?

As the name suggests, tree shears are perfect for landscaping and forestry clearing tasks. For any commercial landscaping and agricultural companies the tree shear is ideal. It is also an essential plant accessory to have on hand.

Despite the fact that the tree shear attachment is unique in terms of the advantages it  offers, various engineering companies can make the attachment. Most tree shears are designed with two claw-like clamps to grip onto the desired tree. 

At Masterhitch Europe Ltd, our tree shears differ in design compared to our competitors. We bespoke manufacture them with additional support when transporting the chopped trees, with an extra metal base at the bottom ensuring the operator can safely handle and manoeuver the trees.

Our Masterhitch tree shears can slice through trees that are up to 12 inches/300mm in diameter safely.

How does it work?

Once the tree shear has been fitted to the excavator, the operator will be able to position the bottom of the digger attachment to sit firmly on the ground, to safely clamp around the base of the tree. The blades will then slice cleanly through the tree, and the clamp will hold the tree in place. It is a simple design with just one single hydraulic ram.

As most existing tree shear attachments have been designed to just cut through the trees, extra plant equipment and attachments may be required to then transport the trees to another location on the site. 

In colder weather conditions, the ripper attachment is incredibly useful when partnered up with the tree shear. When the ground is harder, and trees become increasingly harder to remove, the ripper can break up rocky and harder surfaces of ground to free up tree roots. Once the visible part of the tree is cut down with the tree shear, the tree stump is then easily removed.

View our tree shears in action here.

Advantages of using the Tree Shear attachment?

Why should you choose the Masterhitch Tree Shear:

  • At Masterhitch we are all about creating safe digger attachments for individuals. When you use our tree shears any operator will feel safe when handling larger trees
  • The tree shear enforces high productivity from any operator, and is exceptionally time effective
  • As mentioned before, the versatility of the tree shears will enable operators to complete other tasks including lifting and handling the trees, as well as the primary use of cutting down trees

Which size machines will the tree shear attachment fit?

Here at Masterhitch, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and that buyers of our digger attachments have very different requirements. We therefore pride ourselves on the service we offer to our customers. If you require industrial sized attachments for multi machine projects, or a standard size attachment for a small scale landscaping project, we have you covered.

We produce and stock the Tree Shear attachment for the following sized machines:

  • 13 tonne
  • 20 tonne

If you require something smaller or even larger than this, we are more than willing to help. Our team have many years of experience in plant engineering, so leave it with the experts.

About BuyADigger

Although the process of hiring plant accessories for construction machinery is simple, we have had a lot of enquiries about purchasing digger attachments. Due to the increase of companies purchasing their own machinery instead.

If this is the case, then contact the sales team at our sister company, BuyADigger. They have a range of used machines in excellent condition that is on average only three to five years old. With a choice of excavators, dumpers, rollers, and backhoe loaders, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

With a large connection to trusted and reliable transport companies, wherever you’re based will not be an issue. BuyADigger are happy to arrange international delivery for their machines as well as attachments. 

If you’re looking to purchase machinery with additional attachments, be sure to mention this to the sales team at BuyADigger and we will be able to create these for you.

About our sister H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

If you’re looking to hire out construction machinery, our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd have a range of plant equipment and attachments including:

  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers

Here at Masterhitch, we make digger attachments for the plant hire fleet to hire out to their customers. With a range of excavator buckets, telehandler and excavator attachments, the team will have plant accessories to suit you.

Looking to purchase the tree shear and other plant accessories?

The best time of the year for carrying out any landscaping projects is Spring into Summer. It is great to know that with our strong, hard-wearing digger attachments and plant accessories, you will have no issues with landscaping all year round. All of our digger attachments and buckets are manufactured using the best quality British Standard Steel, guaranteeing longevity and peace of mind knowing your operating with the safest digger attachments. 

Our workshop is fitted with the latest state of the art engineering equipment. Therefore enabling us to really deliver exceptional plant equipment and buckets for our customers. 

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with a quote for any of our buckets or attachments. Call us today on: 01634 290022 or email us at: We look forward to hearing from you!