Bespoke Plant Accessories – The New Digger Cradle!

Berryrange cradle

Another week, another new exciting project for the team at Masterhitch. Our latest request comes from Berryrange, who have requested bespoke plant accessories to use for their latest work. Can you guess what it is?


Berryrange have commissioned the services of Masterhitch Europe Ltd to design and manufacture a new cradle which will fit a Kobelco SK350 LC excavator. The new cradle will attach to the machine via a quick hitch. An auger or large drill can then be used safely for a new project Berryrange is working on.

In addition to the cradle, Masterhitch has also been asked by Berryrange to design and manufacture a transport storage frame. The frame will safely house the auger drive unit, whilst attached to the cradle. Additionally, this will provide easy coupling and un-coupling of the cradle via the quick hitch.

What is an auger, and what is it used for?

An auger is a larger version of a drill that is used to drill deep into the ground. Due to the spiral shape of metal, this will effectively remove the material from the ground. Leaving the operator with a smooth hole with no obstructions. 

Depending on the type of auger attachment, it can drill into various materials including sand, dirt, clay, rock and even concrete. We would recommend getting a reinforced auger attachment should you wish to drill into tougher materials. 

Augers are often used for the following types of work: 

  • Landscaping
  • Drilling into wood for timber structures
  • Putting up fence posts
  • Making holes for steel piles

They are one of many plant accessories we would recommend having available on any construction site. 

We currently make augers for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, to hire out to their customers. We make them as standard to fit the following size machines: 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 8 Ton, 15 Ton, 22 Ton.

View the process of creating the cradle below!

Berryrange cradle
Berryrange cradle
Berryrange cradle


Based in Medway, Kent, Berryrange are one of the UK’s leading specialist contractors when it comes to Sheet Piling, and other steel pile installations. The company was originally formed in 1990, offering labour and building services to contractors. When you get in touch with Berryrange, you can also make use of their other services:

  • Pile Extraction
  • Marine Piling
  • Silent Sheet Piling
  • Temporary Framing
  • Clutch Welding

Get in touch with the friendly team today to find out how they can help you!


Masterhitch is dedicated to designing and providing customers with bespoke plant accessories to meet their every need. From buckets to tree shear attachments, we have a range of digger attachments available. Should you need these in a size, out of our standard stocked size, we would be more than happy to assist. 

We have completed a range of bespoke attachments for companies including, Diggerland Theme Park, Kimberly Clark, Robore Cuts and our latest collaboration with Ruskins Tree & Landscapes Ltd. View all of our bespoke projects here. You’ll be in great hands if you decide to work with the skilled team here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd. 


Now you know that we can create a safety unit to house an auger attachment in, the next thing you may need is construction machinery. We’ve also got you covered in that area!

Our sister company, BuyADigger Ltd, has a wide range of used plant equipment for sale. Originally owned by H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland Theme Park, you could get your hands on a fantastic machine with low hours, and in excellent condition. 

View all of the available stock on their website, and get in touch with the team to get a quote. 


Like what you see? We would love to work with you on your next upcoming project. Contact us today to get a quote, or simply talk through your plans for bespoke plant accessories. 

Feel free to email the team at: or give us a call: 01634 290022.

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