The Best Digger Attachments in the UK

Want the low down on the best digger attachments in the UK? You’ve come to the right place! At Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we’ve been in the digger attachment business for over 30 years and when it comes to knowledge and expertise, we know our stuff.


Starting with the most universal digger attachments you can find on a construction site, the bucket! No, we don’t mean the orange kind you use at B&Q to hold all of your shopping and then feel compelled to purchase once you get to the tills… we mean digger buckets. Robust, tough, built to last buckets, well that’s what we make at Masterhitch. 

Riddle Bucket 

When working on a demolition project, your best friend is most likely going to be the riddle bucket. Also sometimes known as a skeleton bucket. In simple terms, a riddle bucket will separate fine debris such as soil or sand from larger materials such as brick, rubble or concrete. They’re also ideal digger attachments for use in quarrying or even landscaping. 

Tilting Buckets 

Another great digger attachment is the tilting bucket. You would typically use a tilting bucket for general groundworks or in landscaping. It’s useful when it comes to backfilling, clearing, slope finishing, waste handling and ditching, as it saves the machine operator time and we all know time means money!

Trapezoidal Buckets

Also known as V-ditch buckets, the trapezoidal bucket is quite often used for construction work that involves digging trenches, pipe laying and drainage work. Due to the shape of the trapezoidal bucket it can fit into narrow spaces making it a pinnacle digger attachment for use in road construction and restoration projects. 


When using an excavator, you’re going to want to ensure that it has ram guards. These simple digger attachments come as standard with most machines these days. However, if they don’t or if you need them replaced, you’re going to seriously want to consider including them as part of your machine safety standards.


In short, ram guards protect the ram on an excavator. The ram is used to move the boom and various other parts of the digger arm in order to carry out work. This is especially useful when working machines in demolition or civil engineering environments. Ram guards also help to prevent the ram itself from over-extending and also provide an additional safeguard measure when the excavator is being used. They really are some of the best digger attachments out there and you would definitely want to consider this particular digger attachment when using excavators for your construction project. 

Long or Short Term Use

If you own the machine, you may want the ram guards welded on. That way they’re useful permanent fixtures for long term use. Otherwise, it may be best to get the ram guards bolted on to the machine as a more temporary measure, especially if you don’t own the machine or plan to sell it on shortly. 

Ram Guards for Construction Plant Machinery


Ideal for demolition work, site clearance and also landscaping or forestry, the grapple is a great universal digger attachment. Very effective for picking up materials safely and securely, they’re incredibly useful for transporting large material such as rocks and tree logs from one area of a construction site to another or for placing into a dumper to then be transported.

There are many different types of grapple attachments from rake grapples to lumber grapples and even fork grapples. Plus many more! 

Grapples are a great attachment and can be manufactured at a wide range of different sizes to fit various machines. 


If you need a particular digger attachment, look no further than Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Serving top clients such as H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, JCB, Komatsu and Diggerland UK Theme Parks, we’re known in the industry for providing excellent quality products. Tough, safe and built to last, if you ask anyone about Masterhitch they’ll tell you the attachments we make are robust. We have a money back guarantee because we’re that confident in the products we make.


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