Concrete Pourer VS Concrete Mixer Truck

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, our aim is to make excavator attachments to benefit work sites. The latest invention is the Concrete Pourer. You may have heard of the notorious concrete truck, so how does that compare to our Concrete Pourer? We believe our latest attachment is more effective and safer than any Concrete Trucks. Want to find out why?

What is Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most essential and well recognised building materials around the world. The versatile material has built a plethora of structures thanks to its 100 year durability. The trio mixture of water, aggregate and cement was previously used by the Egyptians and Romans. 

As you can imagine in a booming industry, research is constantly ongoing. This research has been mostly related to improving the durability of concrete. So, what about the innovation of specialist concrete machines? Concrete trucks are the most frequently used machines when it comes to transporting and moving cement around. How does it compare to Masterhitch’s latest innovation, the Concrete Pourer?

The Pros & Cons of Concrete Trucks

Cement truck pouring

At present, the industry is filled with concrete truck competitors, with the likes of Sany, Hanson and Scania. These multi-use machines were created with the purpose of helping projects of all shapes and sizes. They have stayed prevalent within the  industry over the years. Using a concrete truck helps avoid labour costs by decreasing the need for manual labour. They are also great for driving large volumes of the material to projects around the country. 

You can see why these machines would be tough concrete pouring competitors, but they also have their downfalls. If filled incorrectly it can create large dust clouds which could result in accidents on site. Concrete trucks are also hard to control and tend to get very messy, very quickly. 

Furthermore, even when it is filled correctly the cleaning after use is very difficult. Due to the shape and position of the mixer, it can be costly and time consuming. 

The Pros & Cons of the Concrete Pourer

Concrete Pourer - Digger Attachment

The Concrete Pourer has been created to change the way sites tackle concrete pouring. The unique attachment is designed with two spouts. One of the spouts is ideally placed for aiming the pouring concrete. Perfect for complex work and tight areas. The parallel spout pours facing the operator, giving a full view of the concrete. This bespoke digger attachment is unique across all industry competitors.  

Masterhitch’s latest attachment is clearly revolutionary, and eliminates the negatives of concrete trucks with its sleek design. Avoiding mess with its dual spouts, this design is also easy to clean. The only negative to is that the concrete pourer is most effective when controlled by an experienced digger operator. Anyone looking to use this digger attachment will need to ensure they have the ability to control a digger.

Why should you buy a digger attachment such as the Concrete Pourer from Masterhitch?

Here at Masterhitch, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We will custom make the concrete pourer to fit your plant machines. We stock the concrete pourer for 8 to 24 tonne machines, which are the common sizes on construction sites.

All of our excavator attachments are made using British Standard Steel, and the best quality components. You will be receiving long lasting plant accessories for your fleet.

If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment, contact us today for a quote or send us an email.