Digger attachments for farming and agriculture

Farming and agriculture is needed more than ever in this difficult and uncertain time. As we deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, digger attachments for farming and agriculture are essential now more than ever. 

As countries cease imports and exports, people need feeding and UK farmers are being relied upon to fulfill those requirements. 

Farming and agricultural businesses want to be able to use the right tools for the job. We’ve broken down our top suggestions for achieving your farming and agricultural needs. 

Adjustable Reversible Forks

Reversible Forks - Digger Attachments

You may not have a telehandler on site, however you still need to lift barrels of hay and other feed for your animals or be able to lift pallets. That’s where forks come in very handy. They attach quickly and easily to many diggers such as a JCB Mini Digger or a Komatsu PC80. As well as much larger tracked or wheeled excavators such as a Komatsu PC210 or JCB Hydradig

The adjustable reversible forks that we can provide, can be made for use with any excavator from 7 to 45 tonnes. 

The benefit of using adjustable reversible forks as opposed to any other fork attachment, is that adjustable reversible forks can be used with the load either facing towards or away from the machine. You may for example be travelling downhill or driving the digger down into a ditch. Having the forks and load facing the operator provides additional safety and protects the load from sliding off the attachment. Turn the attachment around and you’re all set for offloading. 

By using the existing machinery and investing instead in attachments, will help to keep costs down. As our friends at Tesco say, ‘every little helps’!

Power Rakes 

Power Rakes - Digger Attachment

The power rake is one of many digger attachments that is perfect for farming and agricultural needs . Perfect for sorting and raking out weeds, roots and branches, the power rake is as versatile as it is useful. You’ll have your fields ready for plowing and laying crops in no time.

Just like the adjustable reversible forks, the power rakes can be made by Masterhitch to fit 7 to 45 tonne machines. They can also be custom made to fit other machine sizes. Literally no job is too big or too small for the Masterhitch team!

Digger Buckets

Excavator Buckets

Buckets aren’t only used for lifting earth, digging holes and backfilling. You may be looking to dig a trench in order to lay crops in a nice neat line. Alternatively a trench could be used to plant trees for the likes of growing apples or just to provide shade or cover for vegetation that responds well to this type of environment. Digging trenches in the farm serves multiple purposes. From serving as rain water harvesting pits to protecting the seeds and saplings planted in them, this is where a digger with a bucket comes in handy. 

At Masterhitch, we make buckets to meet a wide range of requirements. Depending on your machine type and size, we can suggest the bucket size you will need for the job at hand. 

Riddle buckets are perfect for tasks that involve the sort or processing of multiple materials. This includes vegetation or any other debris that needs separating from soil. They’re ideal buckets for landscaping in particular. 

Custom Made Digger Attachments

Some great equipment is used in farming and agriculture, such as a forklift sweeper, bale grabs, plows and seed spreaders. If any of your attachments need replacing or there’s something not quite out on the market and you need a team to design and make something specific, then get in touch. 

Our design team will work with you to ensure your every need is fully met. Our fabricators and welders will also manufacture your custom equipment using the latest and state of the art machines. 

Customers are more than welcome to visit the Masterhitch design office and workshop. Simply call ahead to book in a date and time, and our team will happily assist. 

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