Digger attachments for latest affordable new build homes scheme

The latest government announcement involves the kick start of new homes being built. Only recently have companies begun operating again, but what will the latest announcement mean to you?

Latest Government Announcement

As the economy rapidly plummets, Boris Johnson has revealed the latest attempt to get the economy back on track.

Along with the VAT reduction for the leisure and hospitality industry, a housing scheme has also been introduced. A 12 billion pound affordable home scheme will be rolled out for first time buyers. This would aim to support up to 180,000 new build homes. 

Along with an affordable scheme, small construction companies will be given 450 millions pounds to fund housing developments.

Schools have also been given a one billion pound fund for repairs and any required upgrades. 

The government has announced that they will plant up to 30,000 hectares of trees for the environment. The best, suitable digger attachments will be needed to get the job done efficiently.

How will the housing scheme work? 

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder, then you’re in luck!

Affordable homes will be built around the UK for all first-time buyers. The only difference will be that a 30% discount will be applied to the property.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the buyer who benefits from the discount. When the home is sold the next occupants will also get the discount on the home.

As new build homes are increasing, companies will need extra plant equipment as well as digger attachments. Companies will need to be cost effective, and what better way than to add resourceful attachments.

Digger attachments available from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we have a range of digger attachments available to suit all construction projects. What attachment would you choose for building homes?

Adjustable Reversible Forks

Reversible Forks - Digger Attachments

Firstly, with operators, materials and even machines, a housing development site can get pretty packed. Limit the amount of different machines needed and opt for the adjustable reversible forks. This specific attachment will take on the same tasks as a telehandler. It can be attached to any digger, limiting the need for excess amounts of machines on site.

Make the most of the versatile equipment and carry materials around with the forks facing towards the operator. This will eliminate any accidents happening on site, it will also stop any loose materials falling off the forks.

The adjustable reversible forks can be created to fit 7 to 45 tonne machines.

Concrete Pourer

The latest addition is the concrete pourer. With two spouts, the operator has the freedom to select which way the concrete or other material is poured. 

Concrete Pourer - Digger Attachment

The concrete pourer is made as standard to fit machines from 8 to 24 tonnes. On a construction site, machines would typically be this size.

This particular attachment is unique to the construction market. Give it a go today and make your construction projects easier. View the concrete pourer in action.

Excavator Buckets

If you’re looking to buy a digger bucket we have plenty of options to choose from. Select standard pin buckets for everyday tasks such as lifting and transporting materials. We also have tilting buckets available to fit into tighter spaces.

Digger attachments

The ground on housing sites will need to be flat, and digger buckets are also great for grading.

As trusted digger bucket manufacturers, all of our buckets are of excellent quality and are incredibly durable. At Masterhitch, we can also suggest bucket sizes to suit your needs.

About BuyADigger Ltd

We work very closely with our sister company BuyADigger Ltd, who are also part of H.E. Group.

The sales team offer a large range of used plant machines including:

  • Excavators
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  • Backhoe Loaders

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Why should you purchase digger attachments from Masterhitch Europe Ltd?

Buying digger attachments shouldn’t be difficult, so here at Masterhitch we make the process easy.

We aim to make high quality products for our customers, so if you have any requirements then let us know. Our expert engineers will always aim to exceed the customer’s expectations. In addition, we can also offer the other services including:

  • Ram Guard Replacements
  • Quick Hitches
  • Profile Cutting
  • Brokk repairs

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