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Welcome to the latest Masterhitch news blog post. This week we are looking at the different types of excavator buckets that we make here at Masterhitch. We are leading digger bucket manufacturers, and we can custom manufacture bespoke excavator buckets to meet your specific requirements. It’s not just down to the construction machinery you use, as buckets and attachments for your machinery are vital depending on the type of project you are completing, so make sure you buy a digger bucket for the correct reasons.

Riddle Buckets 

Riddle buckets are used purely for separating and sorting materials due to their unique design. A Riddle bucket would be a great excavator bucket to have on a construction site, or on a smaller scale, used for landscaping purposes as it would make clearance and sorting much easier.  At Masterhitch, we can produce riddle buckets to fit the following machinery sizes:

  • 7 tonne
  • 14 tonne
  • 21 tonne
  • 30 tonne

If the riddle bucket is a digger attachment that you require on a larger scale, we are more than happy to look at your specific needs in order to create bespoke digger attachments for you.

Tilting Buckets

Tilting buckets are commonly used for landscaping, land clearing and waste handling, but is one of many excavator buckets that can be used for a variety of tasks. The advantages of using a tilting bucket are that it is cost effective for any plant fleet and it has a long product life. All of our buckets and attachments are made of British standard steel, and manufactured to the highest quality.

Masterhitch tilting buckets are manufactured to fit the following machine sizes:

  • 7 tonne
  • 12 tonne
  • 20 tonne
  • 22 tonne

The excavator buckets can tilt 45 degrees in each direction, allowing the operator to access tighter areas, as well as for backfilling holes that are harder to reach.

Standard Pin Buckets 

We can manufacture a range of Standard Pin Buckets to fit all quick hitch systems and couplers. We completely understand that most excavator buckets can be put under a lot of pressure, especially when the ground can be quite solid and rocky. All of our buckets are built with precision, and made of the highest quality materials, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you are getting years of use out of them.

Standard pin buckets are designed to be an all rounder bucket, that could be used for:

  • Excavation of hard rocks and soils
  •  Backfilling
  • Digging trenches
  • Any construction site projects

Our bucket specifications can be seen below:

Trapezoidal Buckets

Trapezoidal buckets are very well known due to their unique shape. They are designed specifically for digging and shaping long trenches, any drainage work, and can be paired with the Pipe Lifter attachment, for pipe laying work. These types of buckets are an essential piece of plant equipment as they are built for long life expectancy. They also reduce the removal of any additional dirt, which is very time effective when it comes to backfilling holes, further down the line.

Masterhitch manufacture and stock these excavator buckets to fit 1 tonne to 50 tonne machines.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Here at Masterhitch we very much like to work on external customers projects, but we also tend to do a lot of in-house work for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They deal with customers who are looking to hire construction machinery such as Mini Diggers, Telehandlers, Rollers and Dumpers. H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd offer the hire option of construction machinery, complete with excavator buckets and attachments. 

H.E. SERVICES  have 10 UK based depots, but can alternatively arrange delivery overseas and for the UK, as they work with an extensive range of transport companies and providers.

View the full range of plant accessories available from H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd today!

About BuyADigger

New construction machinery is purchased every three years for H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland. The used construction machinery is then passed onto our sister company, BuyADigger to sell to the global market. Similar to H.E. SERVICES, the sales team at BuyADigger can quote customers for additional excavator buckets and attachments along with the second hand equipment. If a customer requires any plant accessories that are outside of the standard fit that we stock, we will custom manufacture these to the customer’s specifications.

About Diggerland

It’s not just construction companies that require excavator buckets and attachments, our sister company Diggerland UK Theme Parks, use our services to create bespoke and unique buckets that are then specially adapted to attractions within the park.

Diggerland have four UK parks based in Kent, Devon, Durham, and Yorkshire. The construction inspired theme park offers children and parents alike the chance to drive and operate real construction machinery. When a new attraction idea is underway,  digger bucket manufacturers, Masterhitch, will be the first port of call to create the exciting buckets and attachments for the parks rides. To view our latest bespoke project from Diggerland, take a look at the popular ride, Spindizzy.

Want to purchase any of our excavator buckets?

With years of construction and plant engineering experience we are highly skilled in the industry, and can offer you the best products and assistance. We are located on Medway City Estate in Strood, Kent, and are strategically placed for major distribution links, so delivery isn’t an issue for us or you. If you are needing any specific excavator buckets that we haven’t mentioned, then get in touch with the team today. We would love to know of any bespoke projects that we can certainly help you with. To get in touch with Masterhitch give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk