Hire or Buy a Digger attachment?

Have you got a construction project coming up, but you’re not sure whether to buy a digger attachment or hire the plant accessories you require? In the construction industry, the decision to hire or buy machine attachments and buckets is often heavily debated. Selecting between the two options can be daunting, but why should it be?


The single biggest element that could impact your choice between hiring and buying is the price. You should always have a budget in mind before you venture down any path. It is cheaper to hire plant accessories for your machines, but the cost can add up if need multiple hires. If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment, it will be more cost effective in the long run, but essentially it will come down to how often you would use the required digger attachments or buckets. 

If you are leaning towards buying your plant accessories, we would always suggest searching for multiple companies and comparing prices. The price may differ and you could potentially be saving yourself money, and if you purchase multiple attachments in one order, a further discount could be applied.

Length of the Project

Additionally, the length of the construction or demolition project could also influence your decision. It is always best to analyse your construction needs and determine how often you will require specific plant accessories, and how long you would use them for. If you have a long term need for a particular digger bucket or accessory, we would highly recommend for customers to buy a digger attachment over hiring. Hire companies could offer discounts for long term hires on equipment, but it will still be more costly than if you were to invest in your own digger equipment.  

Type of Equipment Needed

It’s always worth browsing the market for the particular type of construction equipment you’ll need. If it’s plant equipment that’s quite popular in the industry, in high demand or bespoke digger attachments that are unique, you never know if it will be hard to get your hands on it, when you really need to hire it. Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we create digger attachments and buckets that are unique to the market, so often it will be beneficial to buy a digger attachment instead of hiring one.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

Choosing a trusted supplier of plant accessories can be difficult, but if you do decide to hire digger attachments instead then we can still help you. H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd is the hire division of the H.E. Group. With 10 UK based depots, the option of attachment hire will be easily accessible wherever you’re based. 

Our sister company have the following construction machinery available for hire:

  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Site Dumpers and Dumper Trucks
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Rollers

Here at Masterhitch we will make attachments at the request of customers to go out onto the hire fleet. Contact the sales team today and get an additional quote to hire a digger attachment. 

About BuyADigger

We work closely with another sister company, BuyADigger, who deal with the sales of used machinery. Customers can choose to purchase quick hitches, and various digger attachments and buckets when they purchase used construction machinery. 

If you’re based overseas and cannot source a hire company for your plant accessories, then the option of purchasing and international delivery will be available to you. At BuyADigger the sales team can provide you with a quote for the used plant equipment and attachments, along with a quote to deliver your equipment to you. Call the sales team today on: 01634 779123 for a quote. 

Buy a Digger Attachment or Bucket from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Should you require trapezoidal buckets or hydra grapples for your construction projects, we can assist you here at Masterhitch. If you’re looking to buy a digger attachment we stock them in standard sizes or bespoke manufacture them to fit your plant machines. We only use the highest quality British Standard Steel to ensure long lasting and durable attachments. Our experienced machine welders and engineers are always on hand should you require any assistance or have any questions. 

Give us a call today on: 01634 290022 or email us for a quote.