How to get the most out of your plant accessories

When you’re looking to invest in plant accessories, you’ll always want to get the best value for money, yet the best quality as well to ensure it lasts. Plant equipment is expected to be durable. It can also come down to the operator and how they are using the equipment. With our quick easy guide, operators can make the most of their plant accessories and get as much life out of them as possible.

Research size of machinery and plant accessories

Before plant accessories are purchased, it is always a good idea to research the size of machine needed. Excavator attachments are made to fit a certain size machinery, therefore it is important to know what you require beforehand. 

Digger bucket

It is vital to compare the various measurements, including but not limited to:

  • Digging depth
  • Digging reach
  • Lifting capacity

For example, using a machine that has a low maximum digging depth will put strain on the digger bucket, decreasing the life of the attachment.  

The advantage of buying digger attachments at Masterhitch is that we can produce plant accessories to suit your requirements. Whether you have a Komatsu PC26 or a Liugong 922E, we can accommodate your needs.

Use the right plant equipment for the job at hand

It is beneficial to have a list of tasks that need to be completed. Doing this will ensure you think about the type of digger attachments and buckets you may require. Using the wrong type of attachment could result in damage if it is not used for the correct purposes.

You wouldn’t choose to use a grapple instead of tree shears to remove trees, so why would you use plant accessories that aren’t suitable for the necessary task?

Know your machinery

If you’re looking to purchase machinery as well as plant accessories, ensure you research into the company and the machines for sale. When looking at plant equipment, be sure to check:

Komatsu PC138
  • Age of machine
  • The condition of the machine
  • Parts that may have recently been replaced or need replacing

Buying machinery from a trusted supplier will limit the chances of buying faulty construction equipment. It will likely need replacing in the near future otherwise. 

If you’re looking to buy used construction machinery, we would highly recommend our sister company, BuyADigger. Part of the H.E. Group, BuyADigger manages the sales of used equipment to the global market.

With a high rating on Trustpilot, their customers are left extremely satisfied with machines that are in excellent condition, that are fully serviced and have low hours.

Clean your plant accessories

Maintenance is required to increase the life expectancy of construction equipment. Cleaning off any dried mud or debris will stop parts of your attachments seizing up and breaking.

Storage is also key to long lasting plant accessories. Although equipment is made to be durable against all weather conditions, storing can keep the equipment in good condition for longer.

Replace parts when required

Replacing plant accessories can be expensive, and we would only do this as a last resort. Although we can provide high quality new attachments to meet your specifications, we can also offer digger attachment and bucket repairs. 

If a part needs repairing, we can do this for you at a fraction of the cost of buying something from new.

Use only high quality plant accessories

Lastly, we would advise only buying equipment from legit attachment and digger bucket manufacturers. Not every company is as trusted as they may seem, and the last thing anyone wants is a second hand attachment that is only going to last for a few weeks.

Here at Masterhitch, we use state of the art equipment to produce the best quality plant accessories for our customers. Our team of industry experts always aim to exceed customer expectations, and guarantee longevity of all of our products.

Along with plant repairs we can also profile cutting and bucket rehangs, should you require any of our bespoke services.

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