Pallet forks for excavators – What are the advantages?

Welcome back to the latest Masterhitch blog post. This week we focus on the use of pallet forks on a digger, and how an operator can benefit from using them. With a large variety of bespoke excavator attachments already on the market, companies may find it difficult to pick what they need for a project.

Want to know the benefits of using pallet forks? Keep reading to find out more!

What are pallet forks?

Adjustable Reversible Forks - Masterhitch UK

Pallet forks are the difference between using a forklift and using an excavator with an attachment. Although both pieces of equipment will complete the same tasks, choosing pallet forks will mean that only one type of machine is needed.

Pallet forks are commonly used on construction sites to lift up packaged goods such as bricks. It is also great for placing items into an overhead storage container. On farms and agricultural land where barrels of hay need moving, pallet forks are utilised.

They are made with two forks to support the weight of the material being carried, making it easy to transport. 

Will they fit my excavator?

Here at Masterhitch, we have a range of pallet forks that fit 7 – 45 tonne excavators. Although our standard sizes will not always fit everyone’s requirements, we can manufacture bespoke excavator attachments to fit a particular specification.

We also make the pallet forms to fit our Hook Quick Hitch but they can be made to fit standard pin fittings.

Advantages of using pallet Forks

Why can’t a forklift or even a telehandler be used instead we hear you ask? Would you want to use more than one machine when you have everything you need already? Having the choice to easily change and use various attachments instead will be better in the long run. By using the existing machines and investing instead in attachments, will help to keep costs down.

Another advantage of using a pallet fork attachment is that they can fit into smaller areas that telehandlers may not be able to. Using tracked machines provide the operator with more stability, making moving goods over uneven ground even easier.

Not only do we make pallets forks, we can make them adjustable and reversible. When carrying heavy materials around, it is ideal to have the options of the forks facing the operator. Using this feature will stop anything falling off. The pallet forks made to fit 35 – 45 tonne machines have the ability to lift up to 4200KG in one go.

We would highly recommend investing in pallet forks, especially for  a construction site. Once you experience the adaptability of them, you’ll never look back!

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