Recycled concrete – a more sustainable option for the construction industry

The construction industry is faced by environmental challenges in today’s current climate meaning the shift to becoming more sustainable is crucial. Concrete is commonly used on construction sites, but its carbon footprint is huge. Did you know two-thirds of all structures on the planet are made of concrete? In this blog post we will be discussing whether recycled concrete could be a more sustainable option and how Masterhitch can support this switch. 

Understanding Recyclable Concrete

Recyclable concrete, also known as green concrete, is a construction material that utilises recycled materials. Traditional concrete relies on cement, which is responsible for a huge portion of carbon dioxide emissions making it not a sustainable option. Cement, the main component of concrete, is produced by heating limestone releasing large amounts of CO2. It also contains lots of sand, which must be extracted. Recyclable concrete, on the other hand, incorporates industrial by-products like fly ash, slag, or recycled aggregates in place of some or all of the cement, significantly reducing the environmental impact. 


Environmental Benefits

The use of recyclable concrete offers several environmental benefits. Firstly, it reduces the demand for virgin materials, conserving natural resources and reducing mining activities. Secondly, by using industrial by-products, it diverts waste from landfills, reducing the need for disposal sites. Moreover, recyclable concrete has a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional concrete, as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions during both production and transportation. Click this link to see the most up to date carbon emissions into the earth. 

Economic Advantages

Aside from its environmental benefits, recyclable concrete brings economic advantages. The utilisation of industrial by-products as raw materials often comes at a lower cost compared to traditional concrete components. Lower costs make it an attractive option for construction projects, allowing for cost savings without compromising quality. Furthermore, the increased demand for recyclable concrete drives the development of recycling facilities and creates new job opportunities within the recycling sector. 


Structural Performance and Durability

Recyclable concrete not only contributes to being more sustainable but also offers favourable structural performance. research  has led to advancements in the material’s strength, durability, and resistance to various environmental conditions. The utilisation of recycled materials can increase the concrete’s mechanical properties while maintaining its structure. These improvements ensure that buildings and infrastructure constructed with recyclable concrete can meet and exceed the necessary safety standards, making it a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Masterhitch’s Involvement:

Masterhitch offers high-quality concrete pourers designed to streamline the concrete pouring process. These pourers are specifically engineered to provide efficiency, precision, and reliability, ensuring optimal results on construction sites. The pourers are built to withstand demanding construction environments, equipped with advanced features such as adjustable flow rates, telescopic booms, and remote-controlled operation, enabling precise concrete pouring in tight or challenging spaces. 

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