Telehandler Attachments Available From Masterhitch

Are you looking for ways to make your telehandler more productive and your job site more efficient? Take a look at our range of telehandler attachments to see just how much you can improve your productivity.


Telehandlers are really versatile machines that can bring a great range of benefits to your jobsite. They are able to perform multiple functions, this reduces the need for additional equipment and helps to increase site efficiency. One of the biggest benefits of using a telehandler is its manoeuvrability, making it ideal for use in tight spaces and on challenging terrain. With the right telehandler attachments, you can use your machine for tasks including handling materials, excavation, demolition, and lifting people.


Adjustable reversible forks are really useful for telehandlers in a variety of ways. The primary use of this attachment is to handle material. They can be used to lift and load materials and items of different shapes and sizes. The ability to adjust the fork width means you can handle these materials precisely and efficiently. The option to reverse the forks also means you can decide whether you have the load facing or away from the cab. The overall benefits of using fork telehandler attachments are increased versatility, improved handling, and reduced risk of damage to the telehandler and its load.

fork telehandler attachments


Ejector buckets are valuable telehandler attachments to have. They can be useful in a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, and waste management. Ejector buckets use a hydraulic system that allows the operator to eject the bucket’s contents without having to tilt it. This ability increases the efficiency and productivity of your machine.


The roof truss jib is a telehandler attachment that has been specifically designed for use in the construction industry. It’s a telehandler attachment that is used to lift and position roof trusses and sometimes other building materials. This is especially useful during the construction of roofs, walls, and floors. This attachment allows for the operator to easily lift and move heavy loads with precision and accuracy. Reducing the need for manual labour, which saves time and lowers the risk of injury.


Looking to buy a used telehandler? Check out our sister company BuyADigger. When you buy a telehandler from BuyADigger, they usually come with Masterhitch forks as standard. You also have the option to add any of our attachments onto your used construction machinery purchase from BuyADigger.


If you’re interested in any of the above mentioned telehandler attachments, get in touch with Masterhitch today. Our team can create bespoke attachments to fit your machine specifications. Meaning you’ll be receiving the perfect attachments to complete your job to the highest standards. We don’t just make telehandler attachments either, our attachments can also be used on excavators and backhoe loaders. View the full range here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch! We’re always happy to take on a bespoke project so you can get exactly what you need. Check out some of our previous bespoke projects here.

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