The best digger attachments to use for landscaping projects

Here at Masterhitch, we are leaders in the design and creation of a large variety of excavator buckets and plant accessories, that are perfect for the construction industry. We aim to accommodate your needs, as well as assist in any way we can. With our years of industry experience and a very knowledgeable team, we can provide companies and individuals with the best attachments for the job. 

This week our focus is on landscaping. We look into which plant accessories and attachments would be best, and what you would use them for. Primarily, it all depends on the scale of the project and the type of area that is being redeveloped, but we have a range of digger attachments to make your life and the project run a lot easier.

Power Rakes

Power Rakes are an excavator attachment that would be used in the post excavation process once the land has been dug up, and initially preparing it for resurfacing. They can also be used for:

  • Breaking up hard terrain and surfaces
  • Carrying and transporting material
  • Leveling out the ground
  • Sorting material

It is a very versatile attachment, as it limits the amount of construction machinery that may be needed for the project. This attachment will eliminate the use of a roller, if the surface just needs to be flattened. It will also allow the attachment to double up as a bucket, if you are wishing to separate small amounts of material. The tines on the rake can be made to be close together, and it can act like a riddle bucket. 

We can make Power Rakes to fit 7 tonne to 45 tonne construction machines. Additionally we can custom manufacture plant equipment, should you require digger attachments in other sizes. We have made Power Rakes to fit construction machinery at our sister company, Diggerland Adventure Theme Parks, they can be viewed in action here!



As the name suggests, the ripper attachment is definitely a pre-excavation attachment. It isn’t as scary as it sounds, but it definitely is a must-have plant accessory that does an impressive job of breaking up land, and rocky areas. The ripper is an advantageous tool to have on any landscaping site as:

  • It saves the wear and tear on your excavator buckets and other attachments
  • The ripper reduces the amount of stress put on other plant equipment
  • It is very cost effective and can carry out an abundance of tasks

If you are carrying out a landscaping project that involves forestry, or perhaps a substantial sized garden with numerous trees then the ripper attachment works effectively when partnered up with our next attachment, the tree shear. The ripper is powerful enough to remove tree roots, to ensure the ground below is clear to build over.

Our experienced welders can manufacture rippers to fit 7 tonne to 45 tonne machines, but if your project involves a ripper on a larger scale we can assist you. 

Tree Shear

As mentioned previously, the tree shear attachment is the perfect plant accessory to have on any landscaping site. The tree shear is an effective attachment that will ensure that trees are taken down safely by the operator. Our Masterhitch Tree Shear will allow the operator to cut down trees that have up to a 12 inch diameter. It effortlessly slices through the tree and clamps onto it for safe transportation. We can make and stock the attachment to fit 13 tonne and 20 tonne machines.

Using a tree shear attachment for landscaping offers many benefits for any machine operator. They are proven to be very cost and time effective, the tree shear will ensure no other additional equipment or machines are needed. If there are trees that are located on a slope, partnered up with a PC138 tracked excavator the tree shear can reach the trees from a safe distance.

Due to the nature of tasks the tree shear can accomplish, we would completely understand if customers had concerns about the life of their product when purchasing. At Masterhitch, all of our excavator buckets and attachments are made of the best quality British standard steel, that are perfect for longevity.

Riddle Bucket


On all landscaping projects, every operator will need at least one excavator bucket to complete the job at hand. Whether it be to dig up the ground to make way for  structure, or just to re-lay other materials, a bucket will always be a useful plant accessory to have. We would highly recommend a standard pin bucket if it is going to be used solely for digging holes, or a riddle bucket that can be used for many other jobs.

The primary feature of the riddle bucket is sorting and processing various mixed materials. The design of the bucket incorporates holes that will permit smaller materials to pass through, and separating from the main bulk.

About BuyADigger

BuyADigger are another sister company within the H.E. Group that we work closely with. Here at Masterhitch, we produce bespoke excavator buckets and attachments for their customers. BuyADigger are accountable for reselling any used construction machinery previously owned by Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. When selling machinery on to customers, they can also send a quote for any additional buckets and attachments.

If you’re looking for used plant machinery for your landscaping project. We would highly recommend looking into purchasing a tracked excavator. The roadliner pads or steel tracks on the machine can help with gripping onto uneven terrain, and all of the mentioned attachments are compatible with this machine. We would also suggest a dumper truck. BuyADigger stock a range of Terex and Thwaites Site Dumpers, in addition to Hydrema Dumper Trucks. Dumper trucks are useful in transporting and disposing of anything unwanted. Materials can be scooped out with the bucket and placed directly into the skip of the dumper, therefore reducing the amount of clearance needed.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

At Masterhitch we love receiving projects from external customers, whether it’s for a standard attachment, or something completely unique, we are up for a challenge! We also manufacture a great quantity of plant accessories for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. Should a customer require buckets or attachments with their construction machinery, they can receive a quote directly from the sales team.

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd have 10 depots scattered around the UK that can offer construction machinery ranging from excavators, telehandlers, rollers and dumpers. They can also deliver the machinery and attachments directly, whether it be in the UK or nationwide. If you are interested in hiring any plant equipment or attachments to go with them, contact the sales team now and receive a quote for your landscaping project.

About Diggerland 

Diggerland Adventure Theme Park is a children’s construction theme park where children and adults alike can ride, drive and operate real construction machinery in a safe and family friendly environment, including dumper trucks and mini diggers. At Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we manufacture bespoke attachments for Diggerland, including custom made seating units, and digger attachments. 

We manufactured the power rake for all four UK Diggerland parks, for customers to operate the Buried Treasure attraction.

Are you currently working on a landscaping project, and need excavator buckets and attachments?

If you require any of the above plant accessories or something we haven’t mentioned, get in contact with us today. Give us a call on 01634 290022 or enquire via our website