The Latest Bespoke Engineering Project By Masterhitch!

Masterhitch Steel Table

Masterhitch has been at it again. The skilled team of engineers have been busy preparing another structure, for yet another bespoke project. This time in the form of two strong steel frame table structures. Find out more about our latest project below!


Our customer commissioned Masterhitch to create two solid steel frame table structures that were going to be used for display purposes. 

What is the purpose of the table?

A secure, sturdy table was required by our customer as it was going to be used to display a crushed car on top. Once the tables had been successfully delivered, and placed where needed, a crushed car was then put on top. Finally, the next step was to place a Perspex covered over the top of the structure to provide further protection from external sources. 

Our customer also requested that we include a solid flat panel on the front of one of the sides. This was used as a display panel to show an image of the car before it had been crushed, and the reason why it was crushed. 

How big is the table structure?

We aren’t just talking about any display table, this particular structure was the biggest we have made to date. As a crushed car was being placed on top, we had to make the table to be 2 metres x 1.5 metres. 

The table itself also weighed 760kg each, which would be suitable to hold the weight of a 1.5 – 2 ton crushed car. How impressive!

Check out the different stages of manufacturing below, or view our YouTube video here.

Steel Table Structure welded

Steel Table Structure

Steel Table Structure painted
Steel Table Structure loaded

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In addition to our core services, we can also offer plenty of bespoke services to suit your needs. 

Bucket rehangs and repairs

Have you ever gone to use an excavator bucket and its fallen apart mid-use? Masterhitch have you covered! Our engineers can carry out bucket repairs and rehanging, if it is cost effective to do so. Alternatively, we can provide you with a quote to get a brand new bucket from Masterhitch. 

Profile Cutting

Profile cutting can be completed using plasma, oxy gas or even water jets. Our machinery can cut out shapes from metal sheets of up to 70mm in thickness. This is also an effective way to get defined, precise parts cut out for excavator buckets and attachments. 

Plate Rolling

Plate rolling involves a sheet of metal up to 22mm thick, being rolled back and forward through various moving plates. We can roll metal into a tube shape with a diameter of 1700mm. With our new plate rolling machine, it’s never been easier! Find out more in our recent blog post.  

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