The New Masterhitch Crusher Buckets Are Now Available!

This week we launched our brand new Masterhitch crusher buckets, and our customers love them already! Whether you work in the construction industry or the quarry sector, the new crusher buckets have been designed with the customer in mind. 

If you’re thinking of renewing your fleet, or adding some new digger attachments, then we have plenty of products available to suit you!


A crusher bucket, also known as a concrete crusher and even a jaw crusher are used mainly for the crushing of concrete. It is a hydraulic driven attachment that can be easily attached to various diggers.

It has been given its name as it is made up of a jaw crusher and a standard excavator bucket. The steel jaw aspect of the attachment moves back and forth, ultimately crushing the material into small enough pieces that it falls through the bottom of the bucket.


If you are often completing quarrying, mining and demolition work, there’s a high chance that you may have already used a crusher bucket.

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we make Crusher Buckets to fit the following size machines:

  • 8 tonne
  • 15 tonne

If you would like a crusher bucket manufactured outside of our standard sizes, we would be happy to assist. Our skilled team will be able to create an attachment to fit your machine.


There are plenty of advantages to using crusher buckets for companies, and they are guaranteed to make everyday tasks seamless and simple.

Firstly, think about the huge decrease of waste that will end up in landfill sites. With the help of a crusher bucket, materials that would often be dumped can now be crushed down and reused elsewhere. This is also a benefit for most companies too. It will reduce the amount of materials needed for other tasks such as backfilling.

Did we mention that using a crusher bucket is also time saving. Any concrete materials can be crushed on site without the need for transportation. It will also reduce the amount of equipment needed on site, simply by attaching the crusher bucket. 

Crusher buckets are also very easy to use and operate. When you use a crusher bucket you will have simplicity at your disposal.


Alongside our crusher buckets we have also got a wide range of digger attachments for all of your construction requirements. 


The Masterhitch ripper attachment is capable of breaking tarmac, concrete and earth. Essentially readying the ground before excavation. It can be made to fit machines from 7 – 45 tonnes as standard. 

Concrete Pourer

The concrete pourer is a bespoke attachment, and our variant can only be purchased from Masterhitch. As the name suggests, the concrete pourer can pour out concrete and other liquid materials, with not one, but two spouts located on either side. This particular attachment can be made to fit machines from 8 to 24 tonnes.

Tree Shears

The Masterhitch tree shear is another one of our most recent attachments. If you work within the landscaping industry, then this is certainly a must-have tool on the fleet. The tree shear can cut through and remove trees up to 300mm in diameter. We also have a heavy duty tree shear option available. 

Our full list of excavator attachments can be found on our website.


Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in our crusher buckets or other excavator attachments. Whether you’re looking for a one off attachment or want to make an enquiry, we would be happy to help.

Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed.

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