Tree Shear Attachment

tree shears
What machines will it fit?

The tree shear is dual fit to cover the MH15 and MH22 hitches.

About the Excavator AttachmentTree Shears attachment

It is made from abrasion plate to give it strength and help keep the weight down. The bottom plate has a bevel to the front edge which is the blade.

The Tree Shear Excavator Attachment is used for many forestry projects due to the time and money saving advantages.

How it works

The clamp rotates around to pull the tree into the cradle shearing it off, this then clamps the tree in place while maneuvering it to the ground. It is a simple design with just one single hydraulic ram that pushes the clamp round. The clamp is located on the operator or cab side of the attachment so it is visible to the operator as it opens and closes.

View our Tree Shear in action!

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