What are Power Rakes?

Here at Masterhitch, our experienced welders and industry specialists manufacture an extensive selection of excavator buckets and attachments. If you require plant accessories on a larger scale we can custom make these for you, or they can be purchased as a standard fit for your construction machinery. With a wide range of digger attachments available it can be hard to determine what attachment you require for your specifications. This week we are focusing on Power Rakes. This type of attachment can be produced in various ways with regards to the design, depending on the size. They are regularly used for sorting larger material from finer materials, and are used a lot in the construction and farming industry.


What are Power Rakes? 

Power Rakes, also commonly referred to as Land Rakes, are used mainly for landscaping projects and demolition works. Similar to the riddle bucket, power rakes are used a lot for construction and agricultural based projects. They can perform the same task when it comes to separating larger material from something else, as well as being a useful attachment for clearing land and removing tree roots.

Why would you use Power Rakes?

They can undertake the following tasks, but not limited to:

  • Sorting larger materials from finer material like soil or rubble
  • Leveling out soil using the rake
  • Breaking up hard ground
  • Other landscaping work

Power rakes are a great digger attachment to use as they are very versatile, and can be bespoke manufactured based on your requirements. At Masterhitch we have manufactured power rakes that have 4, 5 and 7 tynes for other companies in H.E. Group. This essentially relates to how many spokes are on the power rake, determining how wide the digger attachment will be. There are many advantages of using the power rake attachment, and the biggest advantage is that it limits how many various attachments you would need to hire or buy for your construction machinery, due to the multipurpose use of the power rakes. 


What machines do Power Rakes fit?

Here at Masterhitch we make the power rakes to fit machines ranging from 7 tonne to 45 tonne. Should you require anything out of the standard fit we can arrange for bespoke attachments to be made for your projects. 

Power rakes and other buckets and attachments are made by our experienced specialist engineers, who would be happy to offer any advice that you may need.


About BuyADigger

If you’re looking to purchase used construction machinery then BuyADigger is the place to go. The sales team will ensure they assist you in finding a machine to cater to your needs and specifications. They are the sales division of H.E. Group that aim to provide quality used plant equipment to the global market, and we work very closely with them to provide their customers with bespoke digger attachments and buckets. If you are a company within the agricultural industry, then a power rake attachment along with a used excavator may be the perfect plant accessory for your line of work.


About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

We work closely with another sister company within H.E. Group, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They are responsible for the hiring of construction machinery including excavators, rollers, dumpers and telehandlers, from their 10 UK based depots

Here at Masterhitch, we also provide plant accessories to the company if one of their customers request a quote. Anything outside of the standard size, it will take a little bit longer to acquire a quote as it will require us to custom manufacture the excavator buckets and attachments. As well as operating within the UK, the company can deliver internationally using a range of transport companies that they work closely with on several occasions.

We manufacture Power rakes for all of the plant hire depots, so if you’re thinking about hiring any construction machinery, ensure you have enquired about a power rake.


About Diggerland 


We also create digger buckets and attachments for Diggerland UK Theme Parks. Diggerland is the only construction based UK theme park, that allows children and adults alike to ride and drive real life construction machinery, that has been specially adapted by us to meet health and safety standards. 

We have created bespoke power rakes that have been specifically designed to fit a Komatsu PC14 R-3HS mini digger for Diggerland’s Buried Treasure attraction. This attachment enables the users to dig for buried treasure, and the power rake will shake off the extra gravel for the operator to then remove the treasure from the pit.

We have also created a bespoke bucket to fit onto a Komatsu PC210, for customers to enjoy the Spindizzy ride at each of the four Diggerland parks. 

View the power rakes in action, on the Buried Treasure ride.


Are you looking to purchase plant accessories for your machinery?

Contact us at Masterhitch today and we can send you a quote to purchase any of our plant accessories for your projects. Whether you need bespoke plant equipment or standard fit we would be happy to advise, should you need the help of our experienced welders. Please email us on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk or give us a call on: 01634 290022 today to discuss any requirements for power rakes.