What are Tilting Buckets, and why would they be used?

Welcome to this week’s Masterhitch news. Here at Masterhitch, we custom manufacture and produce a range of excavator buckets for our customers, ranging from Riddle Buckets to Standard Pin Buckets. This week we are focusing on tilting buckets, what they are and what they are typically used for. 

For anyone who isn’t savvy with the construction lingo or the industry, tilting buckets can also be known as tilting blades or grading buckets. Essentially they all do the same thing, and are a great addition to any construction site!

What are Tilting Buckets?Tilting Buckets

Tilting buckets are standard buckets that have a tilting feature on. If this particular bucket is used it can pivot 90 degrees in total, and 45 degrees in each direction. Tilting buckets may seem very similar to a standard bucket. Due to the added tilting feature, it is incredibly handy for grading or leveling ground, without having to frequently position the bucket. All tilting buckets are fitted with an adjustable tilting speed with auxiliary flow control valves, allowing the operator to feel completely in control when using this specific attachment.

Why would you use Tilting Buckets?

A Tilting bucket are another bucket that are great for completing a multitude of tasks which will be effective for any construction site. They are commonly used for the following jobs, but not limited to other work tasks:

  • Light material loading and moving
  • Ditching and grading 
  • Backfilling

They are used frequently for any landscaping, land clearing and waste handling projects and are proven to be a very cost effective buckets with a long product life. They are guaranteed to be robust buckets, due to the nature of work they can carry out. They are also built with heavy duty reinforcements to ensure they are durable. Therefore ensuring any operator will have peace of mind knowing they have the best bucket for the job. 

What machines do Tilting Buckets fit?

Masterhitch tilting buckets fit the following machine sizes:

  • 7 tonne
  • 12 tonne
  • 20 tonne
  • 22 tonne

These are the standard sizes we make for our sister companies, and the sizes we have in stock if you are looking to buy a digger bucket. If you have a larger scale project that you need a tilting bucket for, we can provide you with a quote that will meet your specifications and requirements.

About BuyADigger

Another sister company within the H.E Group that we work closely with is BuyADigger. They are responsible for selling on all used construction machinery that was previously owned by H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland. The sales team would be more than happy to send a quote for the used construction machinery, along with any excavator buckets and attachments that we make at Masterhitch.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

We work alongside our sister company within H.E. Group, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They are the hire division of H.E. Group and arrange the hire of construction machinery to customers around the UK. The machinery available to hire includes excavators, rollers, dumpers and telehandlers, which can be delivered from their 10 depots

Here at Masterhitch, we prepare and manufacture plant equipment to Plant Hire if their customers request a quote for any buckets and attachments that are of a specific size, that aren’t normally stocked. Anything outside of the standard size, will take longer to acquire a quote as it will require us to custom manufacture the plant equipment. 

We manufacture tilting buckets for all of the plant hire depots, so if you’re thinking about hiring any construction machinery from them, make sure you choose the tilting bucket for your construction projects.

About Diggerland 


We are also partnered with Diggerland UK Theme Parks. Diggerland have four parks in the UK based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. When new attractions and rides are introduced, we create and customise the diggers to be used and operated by the general public. At Masterhitch we specially manufacture plant equipment that can be added to the diggers, to ensure the Diggerland rides and attractions are user friendly and are easily operable by children and their families. Along with the actual machinery, we also custom make bespoke excavator attachments and buckets as well. For example, the popular attraction Spindizzy, comprises of a Komatsu PC210 with a bespoke bucket that has been made for visitors to sit in.

Looking to purchase tilting buckets and other plant equipment for your machinery?

To get in touch with us for a quote on a tilting bucket give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk. Alternatively you can fill out the contact form on our website and we will contact you. If you aren’t sure on the specific bucket or attachment that you would need for your construction project, then speak to our qualified team and we can advise you further.

All of our customers will leave knowing that their plant equipment is guaranteed a long life and is hard wearing. All of our excavator buckets and attachments are made from the best components and british standard steel.