What excavator attachments are perfect for demolition projects?

At Masterhitch, we specialise in the manufacturing of digger attachments and buckets for the construction industry. Whether you are a construction firm looking for new attachments, or a one man band doing the occasional DIY project in your back garden, we have a range of products to accommodate your needs.

This week our focus is Demolition. What plant equipment and attachments would be best, and how to make the most of our products at Masterhitch. Firstly, it all comes down to the scale of destruction required for the demolition work, and the time frame you have to complete the project. We can offer plant equipment that can be used for individual projects such as breaking up rocky and hard terrain in your back garden, or pulling down a five storey commercial building. All of our excavator attachments are made of the best quality British standard steel, perfect for long life, which is ideal for the type of work needed.


What is a demolition attachment?

A demolition attachment can be used for different stages of the process including:

  • Material handling
  • Separation of materials
  • Pulling down building structures

Typical excavator attachments used for this type of project could include a range of Grapples, Rippers, Pulverisers, Crushing Buckets and Adjustable Reversible Forks to name a few. We will look in detail at the main attachments to give you an in depth idea of how they can be used.



The ripper is an attachment we have focused on in a recent blog post, but essentially is a very important attachment that is used for demolition and landscaping. As mentioned previously, our Ripper attachment can fit on 8 tonne to 49 tonne machines, but we are able to custom manufacture the attachment to fit your construction machinery, if you have requirements for a specific size. Its basic purpose is to rip down building structures on construction sites, hence the name, and break up hard and difficult surfaces ready for excavation further down the line.

Due to its unique shape, the metal point on the plant equipment is advantageous for pulling down buildings quickly, making it very time effective. Using the ripper will also preserve the wear and tear of buckets and other plant accessories, as the strain on other equipment is reduced.


Clamshell Grab 

The Clamshell Grab bucket is a great attachment that is commonly used for demolition projects. This particular attachment can be used for landscaping, trench digging, handling logs and heavy materials, but can also be used to pull at weak spots in existing structures in order to pull them down safely. 

The digging clamshell grab can come with or without teeth on the bucket, depending on your requirements and needs. For demolition, they are perfect for grabbing hold of structural beams, or moving heavy piles of debris, which would appear post-demolition. The clamshell grab is a very versatile digger attachment to have, so it will limit how many attachments you will need in total for the construction work, and save you time having to swap the attachments over when finished with them. This is a very popular attachment for our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, and it is made for them to fit the following machines:

  • 14 tonne
  • 22 tonne
  • 36 tonne



Another popular plant accessory is the breaker attachment. Breakers are seen a lot on construction sites, and are used purely to break up hard ground, rocks and concrete. The breaker will perform jobs that perhaps a bucket or other digger attachments are unable to complete.

We at Masterhitch, can manufacture breakers to fit all machine sizes, so there are no limitations to the machines you use, whether it’s a big or small site. The breaker is a very in demand accessory by many H.E. customers for quarries or demolition sites, and we can see why. It is great for most stages of demolition, whether that is demolishing concrete structures, or when site clearance is required for bigger materials, that need to be made smaller for manoeuvering.



Grapples are a must when it comes to plant equipment for a demolition project. Here at Excavator attachments - Hydra GrappleMasterhitch, we do stock a range of standard grapples as well as Hydra Grapples. The Masterhitch Hydra Grapple is simply designed, but made to be very durable and strong, they are also a cost effective and versatile edition that any plant fleet should have. 

Grapples are used frequently for post demolition work, when materials need clearing on a construction site. They can be manufactured to fit the standard 13, 21 and 30 tonne machines, but again if you have specific requirements for a larger scale we are always willing to custom make bespoke excavator attachments for your projects. Hydra grapples and standard grapples can be made to fit a Quick Hitch system, alternatively they can be mounted directly onto the digger arm.


Adjustable Reversible Forks

Adjustable reversible forks are ideal for picking up and moving material that is left on a demolition site. This specific excavator attachment is very durable and versatile, enabling the operator to undergo a multitude of different tasks including:

  • Used as a plough to sweep material into piles, ready to be sorted through
  • Lifting material out of the way
  • They could also be used for the demolition of walls, the forks will be a useful tool to push through material

The adjustable reversible forks may seem like an obscure digger attachment to have, but it is very helpful on any demolition site. It will increase productivity, reduce the use of other machines and attachments and is very time effective. We can make the attachments to fit 1 tonne to 80 tonne machinery.


About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

At Masterhitch we pride ourselves on projects we do for external customers, but the main work we carry out is for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. When hiring out construction machinery from H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, customers are able to obtain a quote for additional attachments that may be needed for projects.

They have 10 UK based depots, but can also deliver hired construction machinery and digger attachments directly for an additional fee. If you are interested in hiring any plant equipment or attachments to go with them, contact the sales team today and hire your demolition attachments today.


About Diggerland UK Theme Parks 

Diggerland is children’s construction theme park paradise whereby children can ride, drive and operate real construction machinery in a safe and family friendly environment. At Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we manufacture bespoke attachments for Diggerland, such as seating units and specialist restrictors, which all must meet HSE requirements. Latest projects include the Diggerland Spindizzy seating unit. 


About BuyADigger

BuyADigger are another sister company that we produce bespoke digger attachments and buckets for. BuyADigger are responsible for the sale of all the used construction machinery, that are used by H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland UK Theme Parks. When selling machinery on to customers internationally, the sales team can also send a quote for the diggers along with buckets or attachments, that we can manufacture here at Masterhitch.

If you’re looking to purchase used construction machinery then BuyADigger have a range of Komatsu long reach excavators, that would be ideal for reach points on a tall building, or reaching into places with limited spacing. They also stock a range of tracked excavators would be great for navigating over uneven, or rocky surfaces such as a demolition site, due to the aid of the roadliner pads.


Want to buy a digger attachment or bucket?

To get in touch with Masterhitch for a quote on any of our plant equipment give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk. We are experts in the construction industry, so we are more than welcome to give you guidance, should you need any regarding what demolition attachments are best for the job at hand. Being digger bucket manufacturers, all of our Masterhitch excavator buckets are made from only the best components and British standard steel, so you have peace of mind that you are receiving the best product possible.