What to Consider when Buying Plant Accessories

Feeling overwhelmed by the large selection of digger attachments available on the market? Here at Masterhitch we want to help make your decision a bit easier. To avoid wasting your time and money on plant accessories, it is essential to thoroughly understand what is needed to get the job done. We will take a look at the difference between buying new and used plant equipment, how to choose what company to use, and what digger attachments are available at Masterhitch.

New or Used Digger Attachments?

Deciding whether to opt for brand new attachments or save some money on used digger attachments can be difficult. New and used plant accessories can be viable options but offer different benefits.

Benefits of New Digger Attachments

If you choose to buy plant accessories from Masterhitch you will benefit from:

  • No wear and tear
  • Saving money in the long run
  • Digger attachments that are made to your specification
  • 12 month warranty on all buckets and attachments, and 6 months for breaker cradles
  • Direct relationship with manufacturer

Benefits of Used Digger Attachments

If you’re looking to buy used digger attachments for a short term project, you will save yourself money. However, due to already being used the wear and tear will mean that they will not be suitable for a long term solution.


Digger Attachments available at Masterhitch

There are a variety of individual digger attachments currently on the market, perfect for jobs big and small. Knowing which attachment is fit for the job at hand will not only save you time it will also save you money. At Masterhitch we have a range of digger attachments available including:

RippersRipper - Digger Attachment

This tooth-like attachment is the perfect tool for excavating hard materials such as rocks and tree roots to name a few. Make the most of this tool for jobs such as site preparation and land clearing. The ripper attachment is perfect for excavating thanks to its powerful design. 

Digging Grab

The Digging Grab is popular for a plethora of projects, due to the versatility of the attachment. Handling rocks and concrete comes easy when using the Digging Grab.

Hydra Grapples

Clearing can take an extensive amount of time for any building project. We would highly recommend investing in Hydra Grapples. This unique digger attachment is necessary for any site. It can even help pick up materials around a quarry site.

Concrete Pourer

The Concrete Pourer is perfect for pouring concrete, as the name suggest! Other than concrete this pouring attachment can precisely pour a cubic metre of fluid material. For example, you could use this one of a kind attachment to distribute gravel on your driveway.

Tree ShearsTree Shear Digger Attachment

Have you got trees and shrubs on your building site? The Tree Shear attachment is efficient in removing anything unwanted.  Masterhitch Tree Shears are made as standard and fit 13 tonne and 20 tonne machines. The Tree Shear attachment has the capacity to cut through trees that are 12 inches/300mm in diameter.

Digger Breakers

Get down to business with our Digger Breakers. This power plant accessory is great for road repairs, use on quarry sites and even breaking up tough pieces of ground.


Choosing a Dealer


Before investing in used plant accessories make sure you carry out your  research before hand. Be sure you know what size digger attachment you need to fit your machine. Doing this avoids a flood of disappointment and the project can commence straight away.

Seller reputation

Ensure you look into the background of any seller. Checking social media channels can help you get a sense on how reliable the seller is. Using trusted review sites such as Trust Pilot will highlight any previous complaints, if any.

Photos and Videos

Once you’ve decided on digger attachment specifications, and found a trustworthy seller remember to request photos! Or even better videos of the attachment in action to make sure it is in full working order. 

Do you require Delivery?

How will the digger attachment get to your destination? Certain sellers may offer to cover delivery or include it in your quote. If this is not the case you will need to find a price for a 3rd party delivery service.


About BuyADiggerBuyADigger logo

Masterhitch digger attachments are extremely versatile but they are useless without a digger. We work closely with our sister company, BuyADigger, who deal with the sales of used machinery. With a range of various aged machines, customers will be able to find something to suit their budget. 

If you’re overseas that’s not a problem at all. With the assistance of trusted transport companies, BuyADigger can accommodate delivery for international customers, including the transportation of our Masterhitch plant accessories.


Buy your Plant Accessories from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Masterhitch offers an exceptional service so look no further. We offer all the above plant accessories plus many more. Not only do we stock a large range of digger attachments, we  can also offer a bespoke service for any special attachment and bucket requirements. All of our excavator attachments are made using British Standard Steel, and the best quality components. 

Our experienced machine welders and engineers are always on hand should you require any assistance or have any questions. 

Give us a call today on: 01634 290022 or email us for a quote.