Which attachments would be best for sites supporting housing developments?

With a huge growth in the number of new build houses being constructed in the UK, we want to take a look at the best digger attachments for housing development sites. If you’re a construction company purchasing used machines, or you already have existing machinery, then don’t forget about the all important digger attachments to go with them. Selecting the optimum excavator attachments will ensure you achieve maximum productivity on any work site.

Housing Development

In the UK alone, we have seen 173,660 new build houses completed up until June 2019, according to GOV.UK. With this number set to soar in the next few years it’s important to make sure that construction companies are using the best construction machinery and attachments possible to keep up with the high demand of new build homes.

Bellway Homes

Bellway Homes are one of the main housing providers in the UK. They have been building high quality houses around the UK for the last 70 years or so. Bellway homes and construction sites can be found in the most desirable locations. Whether you’re looking for a small one bedroom apartment, luxury penthouse or deluxe five bedroom houses, Bellway are sure to have what you’re looking for. On average, Bellway have overseen 5,000 new homes being built over the last few years.

Redrow Homes

Redrow homes are also another major housing company that you may have seen on your travels. With a vast network of 15 operational divisions and over 130 active housing sites across England and Wales, you won’t be far from a Redrow site. In October 2018 Redrow Homes saw the finish of their 100,000th home.

Barratt Homes

Across the UK, you may have also come across Barratt Homes. They are another huge company that have been housing experts since 1958. In 2018 alone, Barratt Homes built both private and affordable housing for the public, totalling 17,579 new homes. In 2014, they also built their 400,000th home. With a range of one bedroom flats to six bedroom houses, you will find accommodation for everyone.

Now you’ve heard of some of the main housing companies, next comes the construction work itself. Everyone knows that you may have the right construction machinery for the job, but paired with the most ideal digger attachments, and you could be limiting the amount of machines you actually need, due to the versatility of the attachments.

Concrete Pourer

One of the newest digger attachments to join Masterhitch is the Concrete Pourer. This particular attachment is proven to be very beneficial for construction sites. If the site is size restricted, big vehicles such as concrete mixer trucks may have limited access to the areas that need concreting. Operators can move an excavator, by extending the arm and pouring in the concrete mix. As the name suggests, the primary use for the digger attachment is to safely pour concrete. It is incredibly versatile, it could also spread materials such as gravel for a driveway.  

Due to the design of the Concrete Pourer, the two spouts allow the operator to accurately pour the concrete or material from any angle. View the attachment in action here.

Tree Shears

Tree Shears wouldn’t be a digger attachment you would expect to see, but is a useful attachment for the early and later stages of development. Before construction work begins, the land will need to be prepared for excavation. The tree shears can benefit workers by taking down trees and unwanted plants quickly and efficiently. In the later stages of the development process, it can be used to transport new shrubs and landscaping materials. The clamp on the attachment can then be used to aid planting.

If you would like to find out more about the Masterhitch Tree Shears, read our previous blog post

Digger Breaker

A digger breaker is great for demolition, and also for housing development projects. It can be used for the earlier stages of the site, for clearing and getting rid of any hard-wearing materials, that are proving difficult to remove from the site. All of the digger breakers made at Masterhitch can be made to fit our Hooker Quick Hitch, as well as standard pin fittings. They are also made as standard to fit plant equipment  from 1 to 80 tonnes, but if you require a digger breaker out of these sizes then contact us today. 

Why should you buy digger attachments from us?

What sets Masterhitch apart from all of our other competitors? We can provide our customers with bespoke services including the manufacturing of unique digger attachments and other plant accessories. We also have state of the art machinery and equipment to guarantee the highest quality available.

All of our digger attachment and buckets are made from the best British Standard Steel. This guarantees that we are making the safest attachments possible.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

We are leaders in the design and creation of a large amount of various digger attachments and buckets. All of our plant accessories are perfect for any construction, demolition and landscaping projects. 

Our team can help, and are able to advise when needed on the best attachments for the job.

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