Why use Trapezoidal Buckets?

Welcome to our latest Masterhitch news post. This week we are focusing on Trapezoidal Buckets, demonstrating what they are used for and why you may need to buy a digger bucket of this type. Masterhitch produce and manufacture an extensive range of excavator buckets, that can either be a standard fit to your construction machinery or custom made. The type of construction project you have, will determine which type of excavator buckets you will require.


Why are Trapezoidal Buckets used?

Trapezoidal Buckets, also known as V-ditch buckets, are most commonly used for any construction work that involves ditches, pipe laying and any drainage work. Going into more detail about why Trapezoidal Buckets are used, they are perfect for pipe laying and digging ditches, due to the unique shape of the bucket. The shape allows the operator to dig an identical ditch all the way along. All of our Masterhitch Trapezoidal buckets conform and comply with recommended drainage ditch dimension, which gives you peace of mind that all of our buckets are made to the right specifications, and are manufactured to the highest standard possible by our specialist engineers.

Trapezoidal buckets are also great for trenches and waterways, the streamline profile of the excavator attachment ensures that the walls being dug are cleanly carved. 


What machines do our Trapezoidal Buckets fit?

At Masterhitch, we can create Trapezoidal Buckets that fit machines from 1 tonne to 50 tonnes. 

We stock excavator buckets for the above machine sizes, but our specialist engineers are more than happy to custom manufacture the trapezoidal buckets, to fit bigger construction machinery, meeting your specification and needs for any bespoke projects. 

Our excavator buckets are manufactured using the best British Standard steel and abrasion resistant plates. As well as being produced in-house using, oxy fuel profilers, plasma cutters, and robotic welders to guarantee the highest quality product possible.


Why use Trapezoidal Buckets over another excavator attachment?Bespoke Digger Attachments - Trapezoidal Buckets

The advantages of using trapezoidal buckets are:

  • Due to the distinctive shape of the excavator bucket, it minimises the removal of any additional, unwanted dirt, therefore cutting down the amount of digging cycles you will need to make. Definitely a great time saver for when it comes to back filling!
  • The shape of the bucket is carefully thought through, and is structured specifically for longer life and reinforced for any hard wearing projects.


About Masterhitch

Here at Masterhitch, we operate under the core value of providing our customers with ground-breaking, and award-winning products that are designed and manufactured to the best quality, adaptability, and durability. We want to offer customers peace of mind knowing that, our specialist engineers have the ability to undertake any bespoke projects to meet any specific requirements.

We can also offer you the following products:

If you have any other projects that you think we can help with, even if we haven’t mentioned it then contact us today. We are more than happy to help out with one off projects for any of our customers.


About BuyADigger

BuyADigger are the sales team at H.E. Group. They sell on all used construction machinery including, Excavators, Telehandlers, Dumpers, Rollers and Skidsteers. All the machinery has been bought from new and used by either H.E. SERVICES or Diggerland

When selling machinery, the sales team can also send a quote for the diggers along with buckets and digger attachments. We at Masterhitch will then make them to your specifications. 


About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

We work quite closely with our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They deal with hiring out construction machinery from Mini Diggers, Telehandlers, Rollers and Dumpers. An attachment or bucket can be requested along with construction machinery, and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd can quote for this too.

H.E. Services have 10 UK based depots, but can also offer international delivery due to a huge range of transport companies and providers, meaning you can have bespoke buckets from the leading Digger Bucket Manufacturers, Masterhitch

If you are looking to hire plant machinery from H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd along with one of our Trapezoidal Buckets, contact the sales team today.


Looking to Buy a Digger Bucket or other digger attachment?

Finally, get in touch with Masterhitch today to obtain a quote on a Trapezoidal Bucket, alternatively you can call the team on: 01634 290022, or email the team on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed.