Why use Cab Guards?

Cab guards act as a form of protection for the windows of your cab. They are not only perfect for protecting the window of the cab from any falling materials, they will also protect your machines from vandalism when left on site overnight.

If you’re worried about leaving plant machinery on site, they are the ultimate plant accessory to protect your machines.

Many construction companies are now opting to have additional security in place for their machines on site, and we can certainly understand why! They are cost effective, extremely easy to fit to the cab, and will reduce the downtime of damaged diggers.

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Additionally, our Cab Guards are created for our sister company H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd.

Which size of machine will this attachment fit?

Masterhitch can manufacture them to fit all sizes of machinery.

Our standard stocked sizes are suitable for 12, 20 and 34 tonne machines. The Masterhitch team can create the attachments for diggers smaller and larger to suit your needs.

Lastly, they are made of British Standard Steel, which is perfect for longevity and makes them incredibly durable. Each cab guard is specifically designed to match the shape of the cab, which will vary depending on the brand of machine.

Cab guards on digger

“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

Masterhitch back all of their products with the “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. A full range of spare parts are readily available off the shelf and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer help and support whatever your questions may be.

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