An ejector bucket attachment is a specialised tool designed to be used with construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. It is a type of bucket that has a unique design that allows it to unload its contents more efficiently.

The primary purpose of an ejector bucket attachment is to improve the productivity of the machine by allowing it to unload its contents quickly. Unlike traditional buckets, which require the machine to tilt back to dump the contents, an ejector bucket uses a hydraulic ram to push the load out of the bucket horizontally. This allows the machine to unload the material without having to reposition itself or tilt the bucket, which can save time and increase efficiency.

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Ejector buckets are often used in construction and mining applications where large volumes of material need to be moved quickly. For example, they may be used to move soil, gravel, or other loose materials from one location to another. As well as to load trucks or other vehicles with material for transport.


The bucket is fitted with a moving wall that will dump any materials in the bucket out. This is achieved with the help of hydraulics.

Our buckets are currently made to fit JCB & Manitou telehandlers. Both of which are readily available from our workshop. Here at Masterhitch, we can manufacture them to fit any size telehandler, so size will never be an issue.

All of our digger buckets are constructed using only top grade components.

Bespoke Hydraulic Ejector Buckets

We would be happy to custom make ejector buckets to your precise sizes. Simply give us a call to discuss a project with one of our design engineers. Alternatively, email us your requirements. We will be happy to advise and ensure the finished product meets your particular needs.

After-sales: Service & Spares

We stock a full range of spares and parts for our excavator buckets and hitches. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers are on hand and certainly more than happy to provide you with the advice, help and support you may need.

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Masterhitch back all of their products with the “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. A full range of spare parts are readily available off the shelf and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer help and support whatever your questions may be.

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