What Are Grapples?

Grapples are an attachment used in construction that allows plant machinery to pick up and move materials such as logs, rocks, and debris. It is typically used in industries such as forestry, landscaping, and demolition.

What are Grapples Used For?

These particular Masterhitch grapples are mechanical, and are designed to attach to different types of machinery such as excavators, loaders, and cranes. They are used to grip, hold, and move materials from one location to another, providing a safer and more efficient way of handling heavy and bulky items.

Masterhitch Grapples are ultimately a demolition attachment. They are ideal for demolition work, site clearance and can be used for forestry tasks. 


Masterhitch Hydra Grapple

These attachments require no additional hydraulic rams, and are operated by the bucket ram instead. We do also have a hydraulic version available. Check out our Hydra Grapple attachment, which can be used for similar tasks.

Which size of machine will this attachment fit?

The Masterhitch Grapples are made to fit machines from 7 to 30 tonnes. They can be manufactured to fit any quick hitch system or to be mounted directly into the dipper arm.

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Improved Efficiency

Using a grapple attachment on your plant machinery can save time and labor. It can easily pick up and move materials that would require several workers to move manually.

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Increased Safety

Grapples can handle heavy and awkwardly shaped materials without the need for workers to come in direct contact with the materials. This reduces the risk of injury.

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Grapples can handle a wide range of materials, making them a versatile attachment for plant machinery.

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Using a grapple attachment can help reduce labor costs and increase productivity. This makes for a cost-effective solution for handling materials in construction and plant machinery needs.

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“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

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