Joining the latest range of products from Masterhitch is the new Concrete Pourer.

We’re proud to announce the Masterhitch concrete pourer has proven to be one of our best sellers.


Our Concrete Pourer has two spouts, with one facing towards the machine and the other away from it. This allows the operator the freedom to choose the best way to pour up to one cubic metre of concrete, or some other wet or fluid material. The concrete pourer ensures the pouring is done easily and evenly to maximise both efficiency and, more importantly, safety.
Unlike other similar attachments currently available, our Concrete Pourer can be attached to any machine from 8 tonnes up to 24 tonnes. These are typically the size of excavators most commonly found on construction sites.
The Masterhitch Concrete Pourer can be supplied with the facility for either standard pin or ‘Quick Hitch’ attachment.

Safety is Paramount:

The Masterhitch design team believes the new Concrete Pourer’s unique design will eliminate the need for construction workers to be in the immediate vicinity during the pouring process.  This is due to the attachment enabling the spread concrete evenly in any direction.

See the Masterhitch Concrete Pourer in action!

“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

Masterhitch back all of their products with the “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. A full range of spare parts are readily available off the shelf and our knowledgeable staff are certainly always on hand to offer help and support whatever your query may be.

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Concrete Pourer - Digger Attachment