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Why use Trapezoidal Buckets?

Welcome to our latest Masterhitch news post. This week we are focusing on Trapezoidal Buckets, demonstrating what they are used for and why you may need to buy a digger bucket of this type. Masterhitch produce and manufacture an extensive range of excavator buckets, that can either be a standard fit to your construction machinery…


Why use Rippers?

Rippers are an attachment that can be fitted to an excavator, they are then used for breaking up hard grounds and surfaces, as well as rocks and difficult areas that can’t be broken initially with an excavator bucket. 


Why use Riddle Buckets?

We stock excavator buckets for the above machine sizes, but our specialist engineers are more than happy to custom manufacture these riddle buckets to fit bigger construction machinery, meeting your specification and needs for specific projects.


Breaker Cradle for a Komatsu PC600

We love being given the chance to make bespoke Excavator attachments for companies and their construction machinery. Our Therefore, we definitely didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of custom making plant accessories for one of Huntsman Quarry’s sites.


Tree Shear Attachment

The clamp rotates around to pull the tree into the cradle shearing it off, this then clamps the tree in place while maneuvering it to the ground. It is a simple design with just one single hydraulic ram that pushes the clamp round.