The Masterhitch Pile Cropper is a must-have plant attachment, perfect for any construction fleet.

The Masterhitch Pile Cropper is becoming one of our most popular and requested plant attachments.


The Pile Cropper has been designed with four claws and is made to easily fit over concrete piles up to 600mm in diameter. It is designed to break the concrete on a pile in order to gain access to the reinforcement bars inside.
The attachment can be used on 14 and 20 tonne excavators. It can fit larger machines as it hangs from a shackle point rather than a quick hitch.

What is it used for?

The Pile Cropper will enable you to safely and efficiently cut concrete piles to your required size. A pile is pushed into the a surface that been identified to have weak soil. Once the piles are in place, building can be constructed over the top.

See the Masterhitch attachment on our Youtube channel.

“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

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Masterhitch Pile Cropper