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What is the Masterhitch Root Plate attachment?

The Masterhitch Root Plate attachment is a digger attachment, designed to efficiently remove tree roots and stumps from the ground. This attachment features sturdy, sharp blades that penetrate the soil, effectively cutting and dislodging tree roots, enabling their extraction. 

Why should you use the Root Plate attachment? 

Using a root plate attachment proves crucial when dealing with vegetation removal or transplantation. Acting as a robust spade, the attachment allows operators to effortlessly lift and relocate vegetation, including its roots, to a different area.

Its unique design streamlines the process, simplifying the removal and transportation of shrubbery without damaging the roots. This makes the attachment an invaluable asset for landscaping, land clearing, or transplanting projects, ensuring the successful relocation of plants with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

What size machine will fit this attachment?

Unlike other products available on the market, this attachment is completely bespoke. We originally made this attachment for a customer, so it can be attached to a Komatsu PC210 (20 tonnes). However, we would be happy to assist with any other size requirements.

root plate attachment
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