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The Latest Bespoke Project Completed for Ebbsfleet Engineering

Bespoke Project - Ebbsfleet Engineering Trailer

In this week’s news we are very excited to announce the reveal of the latest bespoke project. Ebbsfleet Engineering have commissioned Masterhitch Europe Ltd to carry out a special project for their client, Kimberly Clark. Find out more about the project below!


Here at Masterhitch we have modified Ebbsfleet Engineering’s existing transport / dolly trailer. How, we hear you ask?

We have extended the trailer in order to take a 33 ton paper mill cylinder out of the Kimberly Clark building. The company will be replacing the cylinder with a brand new one. Due to the size of the cylinder, this project would not have been possible without the custom engineering provided by the Masterhitch team. 

Our expert team had initial plans drawn up and signed off by the two companies. The trailer was then manufactured and painted, ready for delivery to Ebbsfleet Engineering.

Trailer drawings
Bespoke Project - Ebbsfleet Engineering Trailer


Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd specialise in the installation, removal and relocation of industrial, manufacturing machinery and equipment. Based in Strood, only a stone’s throw away from Masterhitch, they were the perfect clients to work with when it came to their bespoke project. 

When you contact Ebbsfleet Engineering, you’ll also be able to benefit from the following services: 

  • Heavy crane hire
  • Project management
  • Pipework services
  • Site services and maintenance
  • Electrical and mechanical services

Get in touch with their friendly team today to find out more: https://ebbsfleetltd.com/


This wasn’t the first project we have completed for Ebbsfleet Engineering and Kimberly Clark. Over the last 12 months we have also assisted with the removal of other cylinders.

We previously made a transport frame to fit an 80 ton cylinder. This was then lifted by a 500 ton crane and loaded onto a lorry.

Additionally, we have worked with Ebbsfleet Engineering and CP Manufacturing. For this bespoke project we were asked to manufacture parts for a recycling centre being installed in Enfield. We assisted making the following parts:

  • The conveyor walls and divert shoots
  • The leg supports for the conveyors
  • A frame to hold the cyclone fans
  • The pit wall and walking floor walls

View the full details of this project here.

Bespoke projects

CP Manufacturing Bespoke Project

cylinder removal

Kimberly Clark Bespoke Project


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