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Masterhitch Power Rakes: Versatile Solutions for Precision Grading

power rakes

In the dynamic realms of landscaping, construction, and agriculture, achieving a perfectly graded and level surface is crucial for successful projects. Masterhitch Power Rakes emerge as the go-to solution, offering versatility and efficiency in the realm of grading and levelling tasks. This attachment plays a pivotal role in creating a smooth and debris-free surface for […]

Ejector Buckets by Masterhitch: Transforming Heavy Construction

ejector buckets

In the world of heavy construction machinery, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Masterhitch, a leading innovator in the field, has a game-changing attachment for telehandlers — the Masterhitch Ejector Bucket. This specialised attachment is designed to streamline material handling processes, providing unparalleled advantages in various heavy-duty construction tasks.

Masterhitch Digger Breaker: Demolition and Construction Efficiency

digger breaker

In the realm of construction and demolition, time is of the essence. The Masterhitch Digger Breaker attachment emerges as a game-changer, delivering an efficient solution for breaking through tough materials like concrete, asphalt, rock, and pavement. This robust attachment, designed to be mounted onto excavators or diggers, revolutionises traditional methods by harnessing force to deliver […]

Brokk Buckets, Cradles and Custom Attachments at Masterhitch


In the world of heavy machinery, precision and durability are paramount. Masterhitch stands at the forefront of this industry, showcasing their knowledge in manufacturing a diverse range of Brokk buckets, cradles, replacement parts, as well as custom-made attachments. Let’s delve into the world of Brokk and explore how Masterhitch not only crafts quality products but […]

Masterhitch: Crafting Tailored Attachments for Plant Equipment


In the realm of plant equipment, having the right attachments can make all the difference in efficiency, versatility, and productivity. That’s where Masterhitch steps in, a renowned manufacturer specialising in crafting bespoke attachments that redefine the capabilities of plant machinery. With a dedication to innovation and precision engineering, Masterhitch delivers tailor-made solutions that meet the […]

Trapezoidal Buckets: Masterhitch and Precision Excavation

trapezoidal buckets

In the world of excavation and trenching, precision and efficiency reign supreme. Meet the Masterhitch Trapezoidal Buckets. A game-changer in the realm of digging trenches, irrigation and drainage ditches, and crafting channels, canals, and waterways. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these “V” configured quadrilateral buckets redefine the standards of excavation equipment, ensuring superior performance […]

The Masterhitch Tilting Bucket: Maximising Versatile Excavation

tilting bucket

In the realm of excavation, adaptability and productivity stand as the pillars of success. Enter the Masterhitch Tilting Bucket. A transformative tool designed to elevate the capabilities of your machine. This innovative attachment offers a spectrum of functionalities, catering to a wide array of tasks ranging from standard ditching and grading to backfilling and light […]

Bespoke Construction: The Evolutionary Path Ahead

quick hitch

The construction industry stands at the forefront of a transformative era, poised to embrace technological innovations, sustainability imperatives, and enhanced efficiency. Amidst this landscape of change, the role of specialised equipment, particularly bespoke digger attachments, becomes increasingly pivotal in shaping the industry’s future.

The Role of Masterhitch Ram Guards in Plant Fleet Maintenance

ram guards

In the realm of heavy machinery, plant fleets stand as the backbone of numerous industries. From construction sites to mining operations, these fleets wield immense power and efficiency. However, safeguarding these fleets against wear and tear is pivotal to ensure their prolonged operational efficiency. Enter Ram Guards – an often overlooked yet indispensable aspect of […]

Christmas in Construction: Masterhitch’s Festive Reflections

digger in snow

As the year draws to a close and the air fills with the joyful spirit of the season, the construction industry, often associated with hard hats and heavy machinery, transforms into a hub of festive cheer. At Masterhitch, a leading name in providing robust solutions for the construction sector, the holiday season is a time […]