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Introducing the Masterhitch Roof Truss Jib Attachment

Roof truss jib

The latest attachment to join the Masterhitch stock list is the Roof Truss Jib attachment. After receiving multiple enquiries from companies within the housing industry, we have added the perfect attachment to fit your telehandlers. Find out more about the roof truss jib attachment, and why you should invest in one for your plant fleet. 


Before we cover the fantastic features of the roof truss jib attachment, it is important to understand what a roof truss is and where it is commonly used. 

The roof truss is vital for the safety and support of the materials used to build the roof on any home. Typically, it will support slate or tiles. The truss itself is generally made from either timber or steel and it is then bolted firmly together. A roof truss is incredibly versatile when it comes to construction projects, they can be used for both small and large scale structures including sheds, housing developments and even large buildings such as offices or auditoriums. 

Types of roof trusses available

Currently, there are three different types of roof trusses to choose from including:

  • Simple triangular roof truss
  • A planar truss which is two dimensional 
  • A space frame truss which is three dimensional

No matter the type of roof truss you opt for our Masterhitch roof truss jib attachment will be able to safely lift up and transport it.

Benefits of using a roof truss

Accuracy is guaranteed when using a roof truss as they are designed using computer software, and assembled in a factory. Therefore they are beneficial to use over other alternative methods. 

Another benefit is that they are time and cost effective. When manufacturing roof trusses they can be erected quickly and eliminate the requirement of steel beams and purlin walls. Due to the sheer size and triangular shape of the roof trusses, they are more often than not constructed off site and then transported to site. Meaning that labour costs are also kept to a minimum. 

This is where machinery is then required to safely lift the truss to where it needs to be placed. 


The Masterhitch roof truss jib comes as standard with a quick hitch facility, making lifting them simple, easy and time efficient. We have also designed the attachment to include a hook and shackle for safe transportation on any construction site. 

The roof truss jib attachment needs to be strong, sturdy and capable of withstanding a strenuous amount of weight. This is why we have designed the attachment to safely lift up to 750kg, and it is made of British Standard Steel to promote longevity and durability. 

roof truss jib attachment

What size telehandlers will it fit?

The roof truss jib attachment will fit 9.5 metre to 20 metre JCB telehandlers. It will also fit Manitou telehandlers from 9 to 18 metres. Should you have requirements outside of our standard stocked sizes, we would be happy to discuss bespoke manufacturing the attachment to fit your machine. 


Alongside the roof truss jib attachment, we also have plenty of attachments that would be suitable for a housing development site. 

Tree Shears

Firstly, before the erection of homes begins, the ground will need to be prepared ready for building. Our tree shear attachment is effective when it comes to carrying out landscaping and forestry tasks. As the name suggests it is capable of cutting down undesirable trees and easily removing shrubbery from the ground. 

The operator will need to position the attachment so it sits firmly on the ground, in order to clamp onto the base of the tree. The blade will then slice through the tree trunk, all whilst maintaining a solid grip on the tree for safety purposes. Despite the simplicity of the single hydraulic ram, it is extremely effective in removing trees.

We have two sizes available, standard tree shears as well as heavy duty tree shears that can cut through trees that are up to 500mm in diameter. How impressive!

If you’re interested in buying tree shears for your machinery, then make sure you check out the attachment in action

Concrete Pourer

The concrete pourer is another attachment that is available exclusively from Masterhitch Europe Ltd. When you buy a concrete pourer from us, you’ll be investing in an attachment that will distribute concrete to large areas on a construction site. 

The attachment has been designed with not one but two spouts for the operator to use, promoting increased visibility. The pourer can then be tilted both forward and backwards depending on where the concrete needs to be spread. 

If you own an excavator between 8 and 24 tonnes, then the concrete pourer can be fitted to the quick hitch. Anyone outside of these sizes, we can bespoke manufacture it to suit your machine. 

Tree Shears attachment
Concrete Pourer


If you’re looking to buy a roof truss jib attachment for your telehandler then get in touch with us. The team here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, can create the attachment to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Contact the team today to get an initial quote, we would love to work with you. Call us on: 01634 290022 or email us.

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