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Digger Attachments To Use In The Snow

digger in snow

When the winter weather hits make sure your plant equipment is prepared, with the very best digger attachments. Not only do operators need to make sure their attachments are in excellent condition, but using specific tools can actually help during the winter months. 

With the right digger attachments, you could be working all year round. Find out more about our top plant accessories to use in the snow. 


If you’re considering expanding your fleet, then make sure the following digger attachments are on your list. Just think, if you invest in these attachments you can ditch traditional snow clearing equipment such as shovels, and plough your way through even the snowiest of days on site. 

Snow Plough

Of course, at the top of the list is a snow plough attachment. We have had many years of experience making this digger attachment for our sister company, H. E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. The snow plough accessory is great for clearing snow, as the name suggests. This particular attachment can be bespoke made to fit your machinery. Whether you have a small mini digger, or a machine on a much larger scale we can help!

If you want to find out more about the snow plough then get in touch today. 

Digger Buckets

You’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to digger buckets. The fantastic thing about buckets is that they can be used for such a versatile amount of projects. Especially tackling snow!

Let’s start with the standard pin bucket. It does what it says on the tin! This bucket will often come as standard with most diggers, but it is certainly an underrated attachment. If you need to shovel snow out of the way quickly, then it could be more time efficient to use a bucket rather than manually moving it. 

We would also highly recommend investing in an ejector bucket. If you want something a bit more upmarket, then this bucket will be great for any construction project, or snow removal. If you’re struggling to dump out any frozen snow, or ice blocks from the bucket then the moving wall powered by hydraulics will prevent any issues. The ejector bucket can be seen in action here

Currently our ejector buckets have been manufactured to fit JCB and Manitou telehandlers. If you would like to have a similar attachment made for your digger, then get in touch with the Masterhitch team today. 

Concrete pourer

You may be wondering why we have considered the concrete pourer a great attachment to use in the snow. On this occasion you won’t be using it to spread concrete, any guesses?

For those operators thinking outside the box, this digger attachment could be filled up with hot water. If you have a large amount of snow or ice that needs melting, pouring the hot water from either of the two spouts could save a lot of time. The Masterhitch concrete pourer can be made to fit machines from 8 to 24 tonnes, as they are typically the standard size of machines found on site. Anything outside of these sizes, we can still manufacture for you.

Don’t forget to follow all health and safety guidelines on site if you do plan on clearing snow this way!

Root Plate Attachment

Another unique digger accessory you need on your fleet is the root plate attachment. Originally, this attachment was designed specifically to aid a landscaping company in moving shrubbery. Nevertheless, it could also be used to quickly shovel snow from paths. If your operating skills are second to none, then using a digger to clear paths will be an easy task! 

The root plate attachment is completely bespoke, so you won’t find it anywhere else on the market. We stock the root plate to fit a 20 tonne digger such as a Komatsu PC210. Again, if you want it to fit a smaller or larger machine, we would be happy to help.

Root Plate Attachment
Concrete Pourer
Ejector buckets


The team here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, can create a range of digger attachments to suit your requirements. When you buy any of our plant accessories, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are made with the highest quality British Standard Steel. They are also reinforced where necessary to promote durability. Perfect for any operators needing to use them in the snow and colder weather. 

Contact the team today to get an initial quote, we would love to work with you. Call us on: 01634 290022 or email us.