Masterhitch Europe Ltd are leaders in the design and manufacture of a large range of excavator attachments, excavator buckets and parts for construction, earth-moving and demolition.

Masterhitch Europe Ltd are proud of their dedication to and quality of their products, with safety lying at the heart of all designs and products. The Masterhitch Hooker Hitch is the safest quick hitch in the world, specifically designed for ease of use as well as security, ensuring a bucket or attachment is impossible to drop off unintentionally when attached.

  • Masterhitch excavator buckets, attachments, guards and hitches can be manufactured to fit all makes and size of diggers and excavators.
  • Masterhitch provide an extensive range of buckets and attachments including reversible forks, cradles, grapples, handlers, claws and rippers.
  • Masterhitch Ram Guards can dramatically reduce the cost and downtime of repairing your machines rams. 
  • Masterhitch also provide expert bespoke design, repairs, cutting and manufacturing for client’s individual needs. The team of highly specialised and experienced staff at our “UK Digger Attachment Manufacturer” can advise you on the right attachment or bucket for whatever your need.

Call us now on +44(0)1634 290022 or email us at sales@masterhitch.co.uk to get a quote today.