What are Rippers?

The Masterhitch Ripper Hook attachment is a specialised tool designed for heavy machinery such as excavators and dozers, primarily used in earthmoving and land preparation tasks. This attachment can penetrate and break up hard ground surfaces, compacted soil, or rock, effectively loosening and fragmenting materials. Ripper Hook attachments are ideal for breaking tarmac, concrete and earth before excavation, it can also be used to remove stubborn tree roots from the ground.

Why should you use the Ripper Hook attachment?

The Ripper Hook attachment is an essential tool for construction machinery, offering many advantages. Its primary role in breaking up hard or compacted materials like rock, concrete, or frozen soil significantly reduces the stress on excavator buckets, effectively extending their longevity. 

By simplifying the process of breaking ground, Rippers minimise wear and tear on machinery and buckets, as operators aren’t straining them to penetrate solid surfaces. These attachments excel in preparing sites for building foundations, facilitating the removal of large rocks, and loosening soil for excavation in construction and mining applications. 

Their versatility extends to demolition projects, aiding in pavement or concrete removal. In essence, Rippers streamline excavation and demolition tasks by efficiently breaking up hard materials that would otherwise pose significant challenges for removal.

What size machines will this attachment fit?

The Masterhitch Ripper attachment is made to fit machines from 7 to 45 tonnes. If you have any requirements beyond our standard sizes, please contact us as we often manufacture bespoke excavator attachments. 

Alternatively, hire the attachment from our sister company, H. E. Services (Plant Hire) Ltd.



Buy A Ripper Attachment For Your Plant Machinery

Buying a ripper attachment has never been easier. Our team can help you fulfil your requirements. Depending on the size of the plant machinery you are using, our engineers can design and create an attachment bespoke to your needs. 
Simply contact us today and we will get a no obligation free quote sent over to you straight away. 

“The Masterhitch Guarantee”

Masterhitch back all of their products with the “satisfaction or your money back” guarantee. A full range of spare parts are readily available off the shelf and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer help and support whatever your questions may be.

Contact us now on +44(0)1634 290022 or email us at sales@masterhitch.co.uk to get a quote today.


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