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Excavator attachments - Hydra Grapple

A Versatile Attachment

A Hydra grapple is a type of attachment used in construction and plant machinery to handle various materials such as rocks, logs, and debris. It is typically used in industries such as forestry, landscaping, and demolition.

The Hydra grapple is a versatile attachment that allows the machinery operator to easily and efficiently pick up and move large or awkwardly shaped objects. The grapple is equipped with hydraulics, which allow the operator to control the grapple’s opening and closing. As well as its rotation, giving greater control over the object being moved.

The Hydra grapple is especially useful in situations where manual labor would be dangerous or impractical, such as moving large rocks or trees. It can also be used in demolition work to pick up and move debris.

Overall, this attachment is a valuable tool for construction and plant machinery needs, as it enables machinery operators to work more efficiently and safely, saving time and reducing the risk of injury.

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Our Masterhitch Hydra Grapple is simple in design, made from strong and durable British-standard materials. No link bar or under dipper cradle plate is required, as it is hydraulically operated via the auxiliary circuit. As a result, this makes using this attachment far simpler for the end user.

Hydra Grapple


  • A cost effect and versatile addition to any plant fleet
  • Can be made to fit any quick hitch system or cam be mounted directly into the dipper arm
  • Made from the highest quality European steel.
  • A heavy duty plant attachment
  • Built to last!
  • At Masterhitch we ensure all of our products are made to the highest quality and finish
  • This product can be used with Masterhitch’s Hooker Quick Hitch: the safest hitch on the UK market
  • Made in three different sizes as standard- for 13, 21 and 30 ton machines

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