Crusher buckets – What are they and why should I use them?

Everyday new and unique attachments are manufactured for the construction industry. Most attachments are great to use to reduce the amount of machinery required on site, crusher buckets are one of them. Find out more about crusher buckets, as well as how Masterhitch can assist you.

What are Crusher Buckets?

Crusher buckets are primarily used to crush concrete. Although other materials can also be crushed including brick and rock. This particular type of attachment is used for the following types of work:

Crusher Buckets
  • Quarrying
  • Mining 
  • Demolition

These types of projects will involve a lot of rubble and rubbish that will need to be disposed of. Crusher buckets will take care of this efficiently, and will also allow the operator to recycle any crushed materials. 

The attachment is commonly designed with a standard bucket that is fitted with a jaw crusher. Once the material has been crushed small enough, it will fall through the bottom of the bucket. 

Advantages of using Crusher Buckets

Time is just one advantage when crusher buckets are used. An operator will no longer need to wait around for a skip to arrive, or a dumper truck to transport the load elsewhere. Using the crusher bucket will permit the operator to redistribute the crushed materials for back filling if required. 

Another benefit of using a crusher bucket is that it dramatically reduces the amount of waste that is transported to landfill sites. Over half of the waste produced each year is from construction and demolition sites, so why not help out the environment and recycle used materials for other projects and purposes.

Crusher buckets are also very easy to use and operate. When you use a crusher bucket you will have simplicity at your disposal. This type of attachment will also cut down the time it takes to resolve maintenance issues due to the basic yet effective design.

What size machines will it fit?

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we make Crusher Buckets to fit the following sizes:

Masterhitch Crusher Buckets
  • 5.5 tonne
  • 8 tonne

If you would like a crusher bucket made  outside of our standard sizes, we would be happy to help. Our experienced team will be able to create an attachment to fit your specifications and machine. 

Due to the type of work carried out, the bucket needs to be incredibly durable and strong. When you buy crusher buckets from Masterhitch, they will be tough, safe and built to last. Customers will be receiving attachments made using only top grade components and the best British Standard steel.

If a crusher bucket sounds like your type of attachment, we would highly recommend a breaker attachment too. The crusher bucket works effectively when paired up with the breaker attachment. For any stubborn large blocks of material, the breaker will tackle these so they are suitable for crushing. 

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When you hire machinery from H.E. SERVICES you’ll be guaranteed excellent quality machines that are on average only 3 years old or less. If you would like to hire a crusher bucket, they are available from our sister company, H.E. SERVICES. Contact the team today and get a quote, you’ll be glad that you’ve experienced the crusher bucket from Masterhitch.

About BuyADigger

If you’re looking to buy used plant equipment, BuyADigger is the company to contact. BuyADigger is a UK based company with an excellent reputation within the industry. They have only the best brands available including:

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If you need construction machinery to partner up with your crusher bucket, then can quote you for the machine as well as the bucket. When you buy used machines from BuyADigger you will also benefit from a 3 month warranty, a machine with low hours and only one previous owner. 

To get in contact with the sales team today give them a call on: 01634 779123 or email them for a quote.

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