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Increasing Women in Engineering at Masterhitch

Women In Engineering

Last week marked International Women in Engineering Day. An international awareness campaign aiming to highlight the fantastic women who are, literally, building our world. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing women dominating what were once heavily male workplaces. Last year, the Women’s Engineering Society recorded that 14.5% of engineers in the UK were women. 

Fast forward to 2022 and that figure has risen to 16.5%. With that in mind, women in engineering are still highly underrepresented within their field. Here at Masterhitch, we design and develop state of the art excavator attachments, quick hitches and bespoke products mainly for our customers within the construction industry.

We are a team of engineering experts, many of whom are women, and today we want to help break down the barriers to encourage more girls and women into engineering careers. This year, International Women in Engineering Day aims to celebrate the amazing work that women engineers around the world are doing to support lives everyday. The event is hosted by The Women’s Engineering Society and this year’s theme is “Inventors and Innovators.”

A recent report from the House of Commons revealed that companies with a higher percentage of female leaders outperformed those dominated by men. In a post-pandemic world, the research shows that women should be supported in pursuing career opportunities in a wide range of industries. 

For years women have been underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) university courses and occupations. How can we change this? 

Why is there a lack of women in engineering?

A big role in creating equal work opportunities lies within education. Throughout history, STEM subjects have typically been considered masculine. This has led to a society of young girls distancing themselves with STEM education. 

Data from the Department of Education shows that more girls stated they disliked STEM school subjects than their male peers. In fact, only 33% of girls within this research believed they performed well in STEM subjects, compared to 60% of boys. However, this doesn’t reflect their actual abilities. 

The same research shows that 68% of girls achieved great marks when compared to 65% of the boys. This clearly shows that girls are no less capable of pursuing careers they enjoy. And not just ones they believe they are capable of doing. 

Encouraging girls to take part in STEM subjects at school will pave the way for them to enter construction, engineering and science-lead fields. Alongside this, having more visible female role models for girls interested in STEM would also help. Women in engineering

Even girls who do enjoy STEM subjects at primary or secondary school are often left without any real life examples of women in engineering. Back in the second world war there was a serious problem with the Rolls Royce Merlin engines. Which would cause them to misfire or cut out. 

Despite having a whole team of engineers within the Royal Aircraft Establishment working to fix the problem, no one could. That was until Beatrice Shilling designed a brilliant solution which permanently fixed the engines. Who would have thought that the saviour would be a female engineer rather than her male counterparts? 

For girls and young women considering entering a career in engineering, it is vital for them to have role models they can relate to.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Since being founded over 30 years ago, many changes have been made. However, our core values remain the same. We want to provide our customers with ground-breaking products. All of which are made to the highest standards with safety in mind at all times. 

You can get in touch with our team via mail@masterhitch.co.uk or by giving us a call on 01634 290022.

Alternatively, check out our range of excavator attachments and buckets available!

The Latest Bespoke Engineering Project By Masterhitch!

Masterhitch Steel Table

Masterhitch has been at it again. The skilled team of engineers have been busy preparing another structure, for yet another bespoke project. This time in the form of two strong steel frame table structures. Find out more about our latest project below!


Our customer commissioned Masterhitch to create two solid steel frame table structures that were going to be used for display purposes. 

What is the purpose of the table?

A secure, sturdy table was required by our customer as it was going to be used to display a crushed car on top. Once the tables had been successfully delivered, and placed where needed, a crushed car was then put on top. Finally, the next step was to place a Perspex covered over the top of the structure to provide further protection from external sources. 

Our customer also requested that we include a solid flat panel on the front of one of the sides. This was used as a display panel to show an image of the car before it had been crushed, and the reason why it was crushed. 

How big is the table structure?

We aren’t just talking about any display table, this particular structure was the biggest we have made to date. As a crushed car was being placed on top, we had to make the table to be 2 metres x 1.5 metres. 

The table itself also weighed 760kg each, which would be suitable to hold the weight of a 1.5 – 2 ton crushed car. How impressive!

Check out the different stages of manufacturing below, or view our YouTube video here.

Steel Table Structure welded

Steel Table Structure

Steel Table Structure painted
Steel Table Structure loaded

All of our other bespoke projects can be viewed here


In addition to our core services, we can also offer plenty of bespoke services to suit your needs. 

Bucket rehangs and repairs

Have you ever gone to use an excavator bucket and its fallen apart mid-use? Masterhitch have you covered! Our engineers can carry out bucket repairs and rehanging, if it is cost effective to do so. Alternatively, we can provide you with a quote to get a brand new bucket from Masterhitch. 

Profile Cutting

Profile cutting can be completed using plasma, oxy gas or even water jets. Our machinery can cut out shapes from metal sheets of up to 70mm in thickness. This is also an effective way to get defined, precise parts cut out for excavator buckets and attachments. 

Plate Rolling

Plate rolling involves a sheet of metal up to 22mm thick, being rolled back and forward through various moving plates. We can roll metal into a tube shape with a diameter of 1700mm. With our new plate rolling machine, it’s never been easier! Find out more in our recent blog post.  

All of our bespoke services can be found here


Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in finding out more about our bespoke project services. Whether you’re looking for a digger attachment in a bespoke size or want to make an initial enquiry about an upcoming project, we would be happy to assist.

Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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What is Plate Rolling?

Plate rolling machine

Plate rolling is incredibly popular within the construction and engineering industries. It is also an essential feature when it comes to metal fabrication. Find out more below, and view the latest plate rolling machine to join the Masterhitch workshop!


Plate rolling can be known as various things such as plate bending and even roll bending. Essentially, the machine is used to roll sheets of material in order to manipulate the shape of them. If you’re looking to buy new excavator buckets, then this is the process commonly used to bend the metal into the shape of a bucket.

Additionally, plate rolling is used for the following:

  • Pipes
  • Tanker trailers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Cylindrical parts
  • Car / Transport parts

How does it work?

Whilst there are many types of plate rolling machines, most of which will bend the metal into cylindrical shapes. There are also machines that will do the opposite and create straight pieces of metal! 

The plate rolling machine is made up of 3 or 4 metal rollers as standard. Hydraulics are then used in addition to the rollers in most scenarios to bend the material around the rollers. 


The team at Masterhitch Europe Ltd have been extremely excited for the delivery of the new Davi MCB 4-Roll plate rolling machine. Since the machine has arrived in the warehouse, it is now our latest bit of kit.Productivity is of the essence at Masterhitch and that’s why our new 4-roll machine was the obvious choice. Using the latest technology, the bottom roll clamps the plate to ensure we have perfect control over the position of the sheet during the whole forming process. 

We can now roll up to a 22mm thick plate of metal, which is 3000mm wide. We can roll this into a tube with a minimum internal diameter of 1700mm. How impressive!

Plate rolling machine

Plate rolling machine


DAVI are leaders in Research, Development and Innovation. They are also the world largest manufacturer of heavy duty plate roll, heavy duty angle roll, high productivity lines and customised rolling machines. The Italian company was originally founded in 1966. From here, they have grown massively to offer customers a diverse portfolio of heavy duty plate rolls, angle rolls, plus high productivity 4 roll and robotic lines.


H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are known for their high quality construction machinery and excellent customer service. They can also provide bespoke digger attachments and buckets, which have been made by us using plate rollers. 

When you choose to hire from H.E. SERVICES you’ll be guaranteed plenty of benefits. For example:

  • The best machinery, that is on average only 3 years old
  • A 24 hour service for account customers
  • The choice to hire a fully qualified operator with the plant equipment

With 10 UK based depots and 2 satellite depots, H.E. SERVICES are the best choice for the job. Additionally, they have over 3500 items of plant to choose from.


Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in any of our bespoke services, including plate rolling. Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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The Latest Bespoke Project Completed for Ebbsfleet Engineering

Bespoke Project - Ebbsfleet Engineering Trailer

In this week’s news we are very excited to announce the reveal of the latest bespoke project. Ebbsfleet Engineering have commissioned Masterhitch Europe Ltd to carry out a special project for their client, Kimberly Clark. Find out more about the project below!


Here at Masterhitch we have modified Ebbsfleet Engineering’s existing transport / dolly trailer. How, we hear you ask?

We have extended the trailer in order to take a 33 ton paper mill cylinder out of the Kimberly Clark building. The company will be replacing the cylinder with a brand new one. Due to the size of the cylinder, this project would not have been possible without the custom engineering provided by the Masterhitch team. 

Our expert team had initial plans drawn up and signed off by the two companies. The trailer was then manufactured and painted, ready for delivery to Ebbsfleet Engineering.

Trailer drawings
Bespoke Project - Ebbsfleet Engineering Trailer


Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd specialise in the installation, removal and relocation of industrial, manufacturing machinery and equipment. Based in Strood, only a stone’s throw away from Masterhitch, they were the perfect clients to work with when it came to their bespoke project. 

When you contact Ebbsfleet Engineering, you’ll also be able to benefit from the following services: 

  • Heavy crane hire
  • Project management
  • Pipework services
  • Site services and maintenance
  • Electrical and mechanical services

Get in touch with their friendly team today to find out more: https://ebbsfleetltd.com/


This wasn’t the first project we have completed for Ebbsfleet Engineering and Kimberly Clark. Over the last 12 months we have also assisted with the removal of other cylinders.

We previously made a transport frame to fit an 80 ton cylinder. This was then lifted by a 500 ton crane and loaded onto a lorry.

Additionally, we have worked with Ebbsfleet Engineering and CP Manufacturing. For this bespoke project we were asked to manufacture parts for a recycling centre being installed in Enfield. We assisted making the following parts:

  • The conveyor walls and divert shoots
  • The leg supports for the conveyors
  • A frame to hold the cyclone fans
  • The pit wall and walking floor walls

View the full details of this project here.

Bespoke projects

CP Manufacturing Bespoke Project

Kimberly Clark Bespoke Project


Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in finding out more about our bespoke project services. Whether you’re looking for a one off attachment or want to make an initial enquiry, we would be happy to help.

Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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Excavator attachments used for preparing and harvesting

Excavator attachments

Did you know that there are many companies in the agricultural industry that contact us for excavator attachments?

Yes, you heard us right! Not only can we create bespoke products for operators, and construction companies. We can provide an equally exceptional service for those carrying out work such as farming, harvesting, and even caring for livestock.

Find out more about our excavator attachments, and how they could be used for everyday work!


20th March, the day that is considered as officially being spring, is only round the corner. It’s also a busy time of the year for farmers and anyone working in the agricultural sector.  Although harvesting doesn’t take place until the later months of August, September and even October, the prep work needs to be started. 

The majority of the prep work for the upcoming harvest isn’t generally started until March time. During the month, farmers will begin breaking up earth, and fertilising the ground, ready for seeds to be sown. 

In April, potato crops are planted, as well as peas, and cereal crops such as wheat, rye and barley. It is a very time consuming, and strenuous task for farmers to keep up with. The UK grows 61% of the food it eats, according to the National Farming Union (NFU). 

Come May, farmers are still busy enriching land and spreading muck to ensure the survival and growth of their crops. Building and fence repairs are also carried out during this time. These areas are often used to house livestock during the winter, and for shade during the warmer months. It is important that this is done every year. 

Why not complete the jobs at hand, and make it easier and much more time efficient?


Any large farming business, and individuals that own a vast amount of land will have already invested in plant machinery to make their jobs easier. They will also have invested in plant accessories in the form of attachments to further develop their land. We understand that a combine harvester is used in most scenarios, but here’s how we have assisted companies in the form of excavator attachments. 


As the name suggests, the ripper is a fantastic attachment that is used to rip materials with ease. Most operators will use the ripper to remove any tough, unwanted tree roots from the ground, and to even break up hard ground. This would be effective when tackling the ground after the cold winter months. Additionally, if a bucket was used to complete the same task, it would save any unwanted stress trying to dig up a solid surface.

Ripper digger attachment

View our recent blog post and find out more about using a ripper attachment. It could be a life changing attachment for farming and agricultural work. 


The Masterhitch Root Plate is a relatively new attachment. Initially, a customer contacted us to create a bespoke root plate attachment to fit their Komatsu PC210. However, since then we have others also show interest in this attachment for the purpose of landscaping. Despite it originally being used to dig below roots and transplant shrubbery and bushes whole, it can also be used for plenty of other tasks including:

  • Moving large loads of livestock feed
  • Picking up and transporting animal faeces
  • Transplanting crops
  • Removing a large amount of ground dirt ready for seeds to be sown

We can make the root plate attachment to fit a range of excavators. Get in touch with us today to get a quote. 


As the ground prepping gets underway, there will undoubtedly be a lot of land to cover. The soil needs to go through rigorous checks and plenty of fertilisation to ensure it is the best quality for growing crops. The Masterhitch Riddle Bucket will efficiently sort through any material that has been dug up. Brick, concrete, stones, vegetation and other debris can be separated from soil using this particular excavator bucket. 

Riddle buckets

We can make these buckets to fit a 7, 14, 21 and 30 tonne excavator. Anything outside of our standard sizes, we can also make a bucket to fit your machinery. All of our buckets are made using the best, top grade components ensuring durability and longevity. 


If you’re looking for some new and exciting attachments to make harvesting easier this year, then get in touch. The team here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, can create a range of excavator attachments to suit your needs. When you buy any of our plant accessories, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are made with the highest quality British Standard Steel. They are also reinforced where necessary to promote durability.

Contact the team today to get an initial quote, we would love to work with you. Call us on: 01634 290022 or email us.

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Bespoke Plant Accessories – The New Digger Cradle!

Berryrange cradle

Another week, another new exciting project for the team at Masterhitch. Our latest request comes from Berryrange, who have requested bespoke plant accessories to use for their latest work. Can you guess what it is?


Berryrange have commissioned the services of Masterhitch Europe Ltd to design and manufacture a new cradle which will fit a Kobelco SK350 LC excavator. The new cradle will attach to the machine via a quick hitch. An auger or large drill can then be used safely for a new project Berryrange is working on.

In addition to the cradle, Masterhitch has also been asked by Berryrange to design and manufacture a transport storage frame. The frame will safely house the auger drive unit, whilst attached to the cradle. Additionally, this will provide easy coupling and un-coupling of the cradle via the quick hitch.

What is an auger, and what is it used for?

An auger is a larger version of a drill that is used to drill deep into the ground. Due to the spiral shape of metal, this will effectively remove the material from the ground. Leaving the operator with a smooth hole with no obstructions. 

Depending on the type of auger attachment, it can drill into various materials including sand, dirt, clay, rock and even concrete. We would recommend getting a reinforced auger attachment should you wish to drill into tougher materials. 

Augers are often used for the following types of work: 

  • Landscaping
  • Drilling into wood for timber structures
  • Putting up fence posts
  • Making holes for steel piles

They are one of many plant accessories we would recommend having available on any construction site. 

We currently make augers for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd, to hire out to their customers. We make them as standard to fit the following size machines: 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 8 Ton, 15 Ton, 22 Ton.

View the process of creating the cradle below!

Berryrange cradle
Berryrange cradle
Berryrange cradle


Based in Medway, Kent, Berryrange are one of the UK’s leading specialist contractors when it comes to Sheet Piling, and other steel pile installations. The company was originally formed in 1990, offering labour and building services to contractors. When you get in touch with Berryrange, you can also make use of their other services:

  • Pile Extraction
  • Marine Piling
  • Silent Sheet Piling
  • Temporary Framing
  • Clutch Welding

Get in touch with the friendly team today to find out how they can help you!


Masterhitch is dedicated to designing and providing customers with bespoke plant accessories to meet their every need. From buckets to tree shear attachments, we have a range of digger attachments available. Should you need these in a size, out of our standard stocked size, we would be more than happy to assist. 

We have completed a range of bespoke attachments for companies including, Diggerland Theme Park, Kimberly Clark, Robore Cuts and our latest collaboration with Ruskins Tree & Landscapes Ltd. View all of our bespoke projects here. You’ll be in great hands if you decide to work with the skilled team here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd. 


Now you know that we can create a safety unit to house an auger attachment in, the next thing you may need is construction machinery. We’ve also got you covered in that area!

Our sister company, BuyADigger Ltd, has a wide range of used plant equipment for sale. Originally owned by H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland Theme Park, you could get your hands on a fantastic machine with low hours, and in excellent condition. 

View all of the available stock on their website, and get in touch with the team to get a quote. 


Like what you see? We would love to work with you on your next upcoming project. Contact us today to get a quote, or simply talk through your plans for bespoke plant accessories. 

Feel free to email the team at: mail@masterhitch.co.uk or give us a call: 01634 290022.

Finally, if you haven’t already, make sure you follow us on social media. That way you’ll never miss out on any of our latest news and offers:

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Masterhitch Europe Ltd – The Bespoke Root Plate Attachment

Root Plate Attachment

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, not only do we specialise in creating the best digger buckets and attachments, we also get involved in plenty of bespoke projects. Our latest project is courtesy of Ruskins Ltd. When they approached us to design and make a root attachment plate for an excavator, we couldn’t wait to get started!


Currently on the market, companies can purchase rake attachments, which essentially do the opposite of the root plate attachment. Most landscaping projects need digger attachments to easily remove the roots of old trees, bushes and overgrown areas, so the bespoke project we had on our hands was incredibly exciting.

When Ruskins Ltd approached us to design and manufacture a bespoke attachment, how could we say no!

What is a Root Plate Attachment, and what does it do?

We have worked closely with the team at Ruskins to manufacture three root plate attachments, which will be used to remove and relocate shrubbery. In this case, they are looking to move a large hedgerow. 

Using a Komatsu PC210 excavator with the equipped root plate attachment, the hedge will be cut into sections. Acting as a large spade, the root plate attachment will then dig deep below the root system. Both lifting the root system as well as the hedge, and transplanting it to another area effortlessly. 

As the root attachment plate is made with British Standard Steel and the main areas have been reinforced, it will be durable and strong enough to withstand even the heaviest and most difficult of hedgerows.

Below are a few of the before photos, check back soon for the final, finished product!

Root Plate Attachment
Root Plate Attachment


Ruskins Ltd based in Great Warley, have been supplying, planting and moving large trees, shrubs and hedges since 1986. Essentially, they are the go-to landscaping company in England!

The highly experienced team is passionate about providing the best service possible to their customers, setting them apart from the competition. They also offer the following services:

  • Tree Surgery
  • Screening Trees
  • Air Spade Services
  • Soil Biology
  • Memorial and Commemorative Trees


Here at Masterhitch we produce a wide range of excavator attachments, bespoke and standard. All of which can either be custom made or bought off the shelf to fit your plant equipment.

Whether you’re looking to buy a digger bucket, or even try out our range of excavator attachments including tree shears, rippers or grapples, we can work with you to provide you with the best plant accessories for your project. 

Based in Strood, Kent, we are also strategically placed to easily distribute and ship our products worldwide. 


You can really have the whole package when you purchase digger attachments from Masterhitch. Our sister company BuyADigger Ltd, can also provide customers with high-quality, used plant equipment. For competitive prices, you could be receiving a machine that has a one month warranty, one previous owner and can be delivered internationally. Choose from a range of equipment including:

  • Excavators
  • Telehandlers
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Backhoe Loaders

Visit their website today and find your perfect machine!


It’s great to know that with our strong, hard-wearing digger attachments, you will have no issues with landscaping all year round. All of our digger attachments and buckets are manufactured using the best quality British Standard Steel, guaranteeing long life. 

The workshop is fitted with the latest state of the art engineering equipment. Therefore enabling us to really deliver exceptional plant equipment and buckets for our customers. 

Our sales team will be happy to provide you with a quote for a root plate attachment and other plant accessories. Call us today on: 01634 290022 or email us at: sales@masterhitch.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

The innovation of excavator attachments and buckets

Excavator attachments - Hydra Grapple

Long gone are the days when diggers would come as standard with just a bucket. Operators would be pretty limited by the type of work that can be carried out. Fast forward quite a few years, and an extensive amount of innovation, excavator attachments are the new must-have for any plant fleet.

The innovation of excavator attachments

Excavator attachments were once only considered to be add-ons for a machine, now they’re an essential part of plant fleets. 

Plant accessories have gone from strength to strength, and now are a virtual part of the process when trying to increase machine productivity. Excavator attachments haven’t always been as popular as they are now. Some operators would even go as far as saying certain attachments hindered their productivity.

The aim within the construction sector is now to save time and complete more work with less equipment. Ultimately saving money in the long run. Did you know that tasks such as hedge trimming, ground raking and concrete pouring are examples of jobs that would normally involve hard labour. Using specific excavator attachments can now become time efficient, and allow jobs to be done with ease.

So what else has changed?

As mentioned previously the variety of excavator attachments has improved. Secondly, since the introduction of quick hitches, the operator is now able to swap and change to different attachments easily and quickly. They can also do this from the safety of their own cab too!

Excavator attachments available at Masterhitch

Here at Masterhitch, we have plenty of excavator attachments available to suit a multitude of diggers. Just to name a few of our customer’s favourites, here’s our top picks:

Crusher buckets

Crusher buckets

As the name suggests, crusher buckets are perfect for the destruction of concrete. They are commonly used by companies within the quarrying, mining or demolition industry.

It looks similar to a standard digger bucket, however it is fitted with a jaw-like system. Once the materials have been crushed small enough, they will then fall through the grid holes in the bottom of the bucket.

One benefit of using a crusher bucket is that the use of a skip or even other machinery such as a dumper truck will not be required. Materials can be crushed on site, and cleared away quickly. 

Pile Cropper

Another popular attachment with our customers is the Pile Cropper. It is designed with four claws to easily fit over concrete piles up to 600mm in diameter. The pile cropper has been made as standard to fit 14 and 20 tonne machines. It can fit larger excavators as it hangs from a shackle point rather than a hitch.

Interested in adding it to your plant fleet? Find out more about it here.

Pipe Lifter

Pipe Lifters

The Masterhitch Pipe Lifter is a unique attachment designed by us. It has been made to make the handling of concrete drainage pipes safer and easier. The use of strops or chains can be eliminated, and fits directly to the quick hitch on the machine.

There are similar designs currently on the market, however we are the only pipe lifter manufacturer using our specific design. The Masterhitch pipe lifter allows operators to attach and detach the attachment with ease using the fold out legs provided. 

The pipe lifter can also tilt the pipe downwards and away from the cab at 45° without it slipping. It’s safe, secure and definitely an attachment to have on your fleet.

Trapezoidal buckets

trapezoidal bucket is perfect for digging trenches, and creating irrigation and drainage ditches. It is often used by companies working close to canals and waterways. 

Despite the unique ‘v’ shape of the bucket, it is in fact similar to a standard digger bucket. The trapezoidal bucket has been made using top grade components including British Standard steel and an abrasion resistant plate. It will need to be built sturdy and very strong to promote longevity. 

We also understand that trenches will need to be dug to a certain size. Therefore we are happy to custom make this bucket to suit your requirements.

Want to hire before you buy?

Our sister company H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the UK’s leading specialist excavator hire company. They can offer the following types of machinery:

  • Excavators (Mini/Midi, Tracked, Long Reach)
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Tractors

Not only can they offer machinery on a hire basis, customers can also request a quote for excavator attachments. With a large range of digger buckets and attachments on offer, customers will be spoilt for choice. 

All of the attachments on offer are made by us here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd. We do stock a variety of excavator attachments in common sizes for H.E. SERVICES when required. Customers can also request any of the excavator attachments outside of their standard sizes if required. We can then bespoke manufacture plant accessories, purely for those customers to use. 

Need to buy plant equipment to use with your excavator attachments?

We work closely with BuyADigger, who are part of H.E. Group. They are responsible for selling used plant equipment. All of the machines were previously used by our sister companies, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland UK

BuyADigger machines come with the following:

  • UK & Worldwide Delivery
  • Fully serviced
  • Low hours
  • Are all in excellent condition
  • Have one previous owner
  • One month on all major parts and components-

Do you need new machines to fit your excavator attachments to? Get in contact with the sales team today on: 01634 779123 or email them for a quote. 

Contact the Masterhitch team today

The experienced team at Masterhitch will do their utmost to ensure you receive the best excavator attachments for the job. As we design and manufacture all of our bespoke plant equipment we have an in-depth knowledge of the products we supply.

We can provide excavator attachments to companies in the UK within the construction industry, as well as offering worldwide delivery. 

If you’re interested in getting a quote for any of our digger attachments, contact the Masterhitch team today via email or give us a call on: 01634 290022.

What are the best digger attachments for landscapers?

Digger Attachments

Now the warmer weather is upon us, let’s hope it stays. There is certainly one sector that will see a huge increase in their workload, landscapers. The amount of households wanting their gardens to look summer ready will definitely be on the rise. So which digger attachments should companies invest in? Let’s take a look at Masterhitch’s top picks….

So which digger attachments should you invest in?

There are just over 19,600 landscaping companies currently trading within the UK alone. That’s a lot of businesses that could be benefiting from better digger attachments, or need to grow their fleet of equipment. Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we like to make everything simple for our customers including listing the best options for all landscapers!


Just as it says on the tin, but a larger, more powerful rake suitable for a digger. Power rakes make clearing brambles, debris and any overgrown shrubs simple. If you’re working on land that hasn’t been well looked after, it could be very time consuming clearing the grounds before work can begin. 

Masterhitch power rakes have been designed with 6 tines for optimum, efficient use. They have also been made from the best quality British standard steel to extend the life and durability of the digger attachment. 


Kicking off the list is probably the most conventional, and obvious digger attachment. Digger buckets can be used for more than just making digging a whole lot easier. 

Not only that, there are various digger buckets to choose from at Masterhitch. Whether you require a tilting bucket, standard pin bucket, or even a trapezoidal bucket, they can come in handy for a multitude of tasks. Typically, operators can use buckets to:

  • Digging and moving soil and other materials
  • Lifting rocks and heavier material
  • Grading soil and other surfaces
  • Digging trenches perfect for the installation of water pipes

View all of our digger buckets available here. Be sure to check which one would be best for any landscaping requirements. 


Our Masterhitch concrete pourer is a more obscure attachment that is bespoke made by us. Not only will you be using a unique digger attachment, it can also come in hand for numerous tasks including pouring concrete, filling up a pond with water, and lifting up large quantities of materials.

The concrete pourer attachment is made as standard to fit machines for 8 tonnes to 24 tonnes. They can also be designed with the facility for either standard pin or ‘Quick Hitch’ attachment.


Will trees need to be planted or even removed from the ground? The Masterhitch tree shears are perfect for forestry and site clearance projects. Landscapers can make use of the solid metal clamps that can easily grip onto trees to safely remove them. Operators can also cut through trees up to 12 inches in diameter with the fitted blade. 

The tree shear attachment is made as standard to fit 13 and 20 tonne machines, however if a smaller or larger attachment is required, we would be more than happy to assist. We can create digger attachments to suit your specifications. 

Looking to buy a digger?

So you’ve found the perfect digger attachments for the task at hand, but have you got the machinery required? We’ve also got you covered!

BuyADigger, a sister company within the H.E. Group is responsible for selling on any used construction machinery previously purchased for Diggerland Theme Park and H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

All of the machines for sale are guaranteed the following:

  • Low hours
  • Excellent condition
  • Worldwide shipping is available
  • Machines are fully serviced before they are sold
  • One month warranty covering all major parts and components

BuyADigger have a range of used diggers, rollers, dumpers, telehandlers and backhoe loaders for sale. The team are industry experts and can assist with any queries you may have. Call the team to discuss your plant requirements on 01634 779123.

Need additional construction training

Are you thinking of renovating your own back or front garden and need some construction machinery training?

Our sister company Diggerland Plant Training School is home to NPORS training and refresher courses. Should you need to brush up your  existing knowledge, or you’re looking to operate a new type of construction machinery then the Diggerland Plant Training School team are the instructors you need to contact. Choose from a range of:

  • Excavator courses
  • Roller courses
  • Dumper truck courses
  • Telehandler courses
  • Health and safety courses

With courses running 7 days a week between 8am and 5pm, there has never been a better time to sign up for some additional learning. Email the team or call: 01634 295355.

Contact the Masterhitch team today

Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in finding out more about our Masterhitch digger attachments. Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed.

Why Power Rakes are a great addition to any plant fleet

Power Rakes - Digger Attachment

Our experienced welders at Masterhitch Europe Ltd have the ability to manufacture an extensive selection of plant equipment. With a wide range of digger attachments available it can be hard to determine what attachment you require for the job at hand. This week we are focusing on Power Rakes. They are regularly used in the construction and farming industry. But how can your fleet benefit from using them?

What are Power Rakes?

Power rakes, also commonly known as land clearance rakes are used in the farming and agricultural industry. However, they can be widely used for construction, and other types of projects. 

Think of it as a garden rake, but made big and strong enough to be equipped to an excavator. They are primarily used to clear and prepare the land before work begins. This could be mean the removal of the following materials without affecting the soil too much:

  • Shrubs
  • Brambles
  • Rubbish

They are also very useful for ripping up any stubborn tree roots and other materials that could be caught in the soil.

Alongside the obvious uses of farming, and preparing the soil for planting, power rakes can be used for not so obvious tasks. If you’re looking to invest in versatile equipment, we would highly recommend power rakes. Not only will they complete the above jobs, they can also take the place of a riddle bucket. Riddle buckets are perfect for sorting two different types of materials from each other. Why use two different attachments when you could use one? Depending on the space between the tines, power rakes would effectively sort larger materials from soil as an example. 

Masterhitch Power Rakes

Here at Masterhitch we can manufacture plant equipment to suit you, and fit your machines. As standard we do stock power rakes to fit 7 to 45 tonne machinery. 

Our experienced team will be able to create an attachment outside of these sizes if required. We can work closely with you to design the type of plant equipment you need.

Due to the type of work that power rakes undertake, it is vital that the plant equipment is made from the best materials. In order to make it durable and long lasting it is made of British Standard Steel. 

About BuyADigger Ltd

Are you looking for machines to go with your power rakes? Our sister company can help! BuyADigger is the sales division of H.E. Group with a large variety of machines available. With only the best brands available including Komatsu, Manitou, JCB, Thwaites, Terex and Ammann. There will be a machine to suit any job at hand.

If you wish to get a quote for any of their second hand diggers and plant equipment, contact the team today on: 01634 779123 or email them. 

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are known for their high quality construction machinery and excellent customer service. Not only that they can also provide excavator buckets and attachments along with the machines. Power Rakes can be hired directly from H.E. SERVICES.

When you choose to hire from H.E. SERVICES you’ll be guaranteed:

  • The best machinery, that is on average only 3 years old
  • A 24 hour service for account customers
  • The choice to hire a fully qualified operator with the plant equipment

With 10 UK based depots, H.E. SERVICES are the best choice for the job.

Contact the Masterhitch team today

Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in buying crusher buckets for your machine. Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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