Why use Riddle Buckets?

Masterhitch produce a wide range of excavator buckets, that can either be a standard fit to your construction machinery or custom made. There are many different types of excavator buckets that are advantageous for various types of tasks and projects. This week we are focusing on Riddle Buckets, also commonly known as Shaker or Sorting Buckets. These types of Excavator attachments are typically buckets with multiple holes in the back, that allows you to easily and effectively separate two types of materials, for example if you have stones and soil.


Why are Riddle Buckets used? 

Going into more detail about why Riddle Buckets are used, they are perfect for sorting and processing various mixed materials. They are a cost effective and time saving excavator attachment that will sort through materials such as brick, concrete, general debris, soil, sand and rocks. They can also be used when submerged into water to clear rivers and blocked water paths.

When thinking about excavator buckets and attachments that are needed for your construction projects, always stay clear of purchasing second hand Riddle Buckets. Due to the type of work they undertake, they will have a large amount of wear to them, and it cannot be guaranteed how long they will last when they are sold on. Don’t take the chance, get a quote for brand new excavator buckets from Masterhitch today.


What machines do our Riddle Buckets fit?

At Masterhitch, we can create Riddle buckets that fit the following machines:

  • 7 tonne
  • 14 tonne
  • 21 tonne
  • 30 tonne excavators

We stock excavator buckets for the above machine sizes, but our specialist engineers are more than happy to custom manufacture these riddle buckets to fit bigger construction machinery, meeting your specification and needs for specific projects.

Our excavator buckets are supplied for use with Standard Pin mounts or our own automatic Hooker Quick Hitch.


How to use Riddle Buckets?

To use a riddle bucket, the operator will need to attach the bucket as they usually would, like any other attachment. Then the operator will need to dig as normal into a pile of material to begin the sorting process.

When the bucket has reached full capacity, the operator will need to shake the bucket to separate the different materials. The finer material, for example soil or sand will seep through the bucket holes. This will leave the larger materials like bricks and stones, ready to put in a pile. From here the digger can produce separate piles of materials on the construction site.

The advantages of using riddle buckets are:

  • It cuts out the need for excess skips or rubbish removal. By sorting the materials out into different piles, this can then be reused for other projects or needs.
  • The Riddle Bucket is more advantageous to construction sites and projects, when partnered with larger construction machines, as a larger capacity of material is able to be sorted in a shorter amount of time.


About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

As well as completing outside projects for customers, we do a lot of work in house for our sister company, H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd. They deal with hiring out construction machinery from Mini Diggers, Telehandlers, Rollers and Dumpers. If a customer would like to hire a bucket or attachment along with their construction machinery, H.E. Services are able to provide a quote for this. 

Anything outside of the standard size for machinery, it will take slightly longer to obtain a quote as it will require us to custom manufacture the buckets or attachments.

H.E. Services can hire out machinery from their 10 UK based depots, but alternatively can deliver internationally due to a huge range of transport companies and providers we work with, meaning you can have bespoke buckets from the leading Digger Bucket Manufacturers, Masterhitch.

If you are looking to hire plant machinery from H.E SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd along with one of our Riddle Buckets, contact the sales team today.


About Diggerland 

We are also partnered with Diggerland UK Theme Parks. When the need for new attractions and  rides arise, we create and customise the diggers to be used within all four of their UK parks. At Masterhitch we specially adapt the diggers to ensure the Diggerland rides and drives are user friendly and are easily operable by children. Along with the actual machinery, we also custom make the attachments and buckets too. For example we made a bucket to fit a PC210 for the Spindizzy ride at Diggerland.


About BuyADigger 

Another sister company within the H.E Group that we work closely with is BuyADigger. BuyADigger are the sales division of H.E. Group, and sell on all used construction machinery from H.E. SERVICES and Diggerland. The sales team can send a quote for the diggers with buckets or attachments, that we make at Masterhitch.


Want to place an order for a Riddle Bucket or other digger attachment?

To get in touch with Masterhitch for a quote on a Riddle bucket give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team on: sales@masterhitch.co.uk. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

Masterhitch’s excavator buckets are made from the best components and british standard steel. Therefore leaving you with peace of mind that you are receiving the best product possible.