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Why Power Rakes are a great addition to any plant fleet

Power Rakes - Digger Attachment

Our experienced welders at Masterhitch Europe Ltd have the ability to manufacture an extensive selection of plant equipment. With a wide range of digger attachments available it can be hard to determine what attachment you require for the job at hand. This week we are focusing on Power Rakes. They are regularly used in the construction and farming industry. But how can your fleet benefit from using them?

What are Power Rakes?

Power rakes, also commonly known as land clearance rakes are used in the farming and agricultural industry. However, they can be widely used for construction, and other types of projects. 

Think of it as a garden rake, but made big and strong enough to be equipped to an excavator. They are primarily used to clear and prepare the land before work begins. This could be mean the removal of the following materials without affecting the soil too much:

  • Shrubs
  • Brambles
  • Rubbish

They are also very useful for ripping up any stubborn tree roots and other materials that could be caught in the soil.

Alongside the obvious uses of farming, and preparing the soil for planting, power rakes can be used for not so obvious tasks. If you’re looking to invest in versatile equipment, we would highly recommend power rakes. Not only will they complete the above jobs, they can also take the place of a riddle bucket. Riddle buckets are perfect for sorting two different types of materials from each other. Why use two different attachments when you could use one? Depending on the space between the tines, power rakes would effectively sort larger materials from soil as an example. 

Masterhitch Power Rakes

Here at Masterhitch we can manufacture plant equipment to suit you, and fit your machines. As standard we do stock power rakes to fit 7 to 45 tonne machinery. 

Our experienced team will be able to create an attachment outside of these sizes if required. We can work closely with you to design the type of plant equipment you need.

Due to the type of work that power rakes undertake, it is vital that the plant equipment is made from the best materials. In order to make it durable and long lasting it is made of British Standard Steel. 

About BuyADigger Ltd

Are you looking for machines to go with your power rakes? Our sister company can help! BuyADigger is the sales division of H.E. Group with a large variety of machines available. With only the best brands available including Komatsu, Manitou, JCB, Thwaites, Terex and Ammann. There will be a machine to suit any job at hand.

If you wish to get a quote for any of their second hand diggers and plant equipment, contact the team today on: 01634 779123 or email them. 

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are known for their high quality construction machinery and excellent customer service. Not only that they can also provide excavator buckets and attachments along with the machines. Power Rakes can be hired directly from H.E. SERVICES.

When you choose to hire from H.E. SERVICES you’ll be guaranteed:

  • The best machinery, that is on average only 3 years old
  • A 24 hour service for account customers
  • The choice to hire a fully qualified operator with the plant equipment

With 10 UK based depots, H.E. SERVICES are the best choice for the job.

Contact the Masterhitch team today

Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in buying crusher buckets for your machine. Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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Crusher buckets – What are they and why should I use them?

Crusher buckets

Everyday new and unique attachments are manufactured for the construction industry. Most attachments are great to use to reduce the amount of machinery required on site, crusher buckets are one of them. Find out more about crusher buckets, as well as how Masterhitch can assist you.

What are Crusher Buckets?

Crusher buckets are primarily used to crush concrete. Although other materials can also be crushed including brick and rock. This particular type of attachment is used for the following types of work:

Crusher Buckets
  • Quarrying
  • Mining 
  • Demolition

These types of projects will involve a lot of rubble and rubbish that will need to be disposed of. Crusher buckets will take care of this efficiently, and will also allow the operator to recycle any crushed materials. 

The attachment is commonly designed with a standard bucket that is fitted with a jaw crusher. Once the material has been crushed small enough, it will fall through the bottom of the bucket. 

Advantages of using Crusher Buckets

Time is just one advantage when crusher buckets are used. An operator will no longer need to wait around for a skip to arrive, or a dumper truck to transport the load elsewhere. Using the crusher bucket will permit the operator to redistribute the crushed materials for back filling if required. 

Another benefit of using a crusher bucket is that it dramatically reduces the amount of waste that is transported to landfill sites. Over half of the waste produced each year is from construction and demolition sites, so why not help out the environment and recycle used materials for other projects and purposes.

Crusher buckets are also very easy to use and operate. When you use a crusher bucket you will have simplicity at your disposal. This type of attachment will also cut down the time it takes to resolve maintenance issues due to the basic yet effective design.

What size machines will it fit?

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we make Crusher Buckets to fit the following sizes:

Masterhitch Crusher Buckets
  • 5.5 tonne
  • 8 tonne

If you would like a crusher bucket made  outside of our standard sizes, we would be happy to help. Our experienced team will be able to create an attachment to fit your specifications and machine. 

Due to the type of work carried out, the bucket needs to be incredibly durable and strong. When you buy crusher buckets from Masterhitch, they will be tough, safe and built to last. Customers will be receiving attachments made using only top grade components and the best British Standard steel.

If a crusher bucket sounds like your type of attachment, we would highly recommend a breaker attachment too. The crusher bucket works effectively when paired up with the breaker attachment. For any stubborn large blocks of material, the breaker will tackle these so they are suitable for crushing. 

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the UK’s largest specialist excavator company with a fleet of over 3500 machines. Due to a wide range of machines available, H.E. SERVICES can provide anything from mini diggers to long reach excavators.

When you hire machinery from H.E. SERVICES you’ll be guaranteed excellent quality machines that are on average only 3 years old or less. If you would like to hire a crusher bucket, they are available from our sister company, H.E. SERVICES. Contact the team today and get a quote, you’ll be glad that you’ve experienced the crusher bucket from Masterhitch.

About BuyADigger

If you’re looking to buy used plant equipment, BuyADigger is the company to contact. BuyADigger is a UK based company with an excellent reputation within the industry. They have only the best brands available including:

Komatsu PC80
  • Komatsu
  • JCB
  • Manitou
  • Terex
  • Thwaites
  • Hydrema
  • Ammann

If you need construction machinery to partner up with your crusher bucket, then can quote you for the machine as well as the bucket. When you buy used machines from BuyADigger you will also benefit from a 3 month warranty, a machine with low hours and only one previous owner. 

To get in contact with the sales team today give them a call on: 01634 779123 or email them for a quote.

Contact the Masterhitch team today

Get in touch with Masterhitch today if you’re interested in buying crusher buckets for your machine. Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email the team. We are more than happy to advise you on any of our products and assist where needed, if you aren’t sure.

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Electric Plant equipment – What’s your opinion?

Electric Plant Equipment

With the construction industry constantly evolving, we have seen the likes of autonomous and even electric plant equipment join the market. Would you be willing to do your bit for the environment and upgrade your fleet to hybrid machinery, or even electric?

Find out the benefits of doing so, as well as the excavator attachments we can offer you here at Masterhitch.

Myth Busters

There are various advantages that many fleets will benefit from when they upgrade to electric including:


Plant fleets could be reducing the emissions in the current climate. When using electric diggers and other plant equipment, the operator will not be emitting any emissions. That’s right, ZERO!

Cheaper running costs

Running a standard digger can be costly. If it is left on when the machine is not in use, then fuel will be wasted. Therefore an extra cost! Electric diggers can cost as little as £1 per hour. This will include charging the battery up to full. How cheap is that?!

Noise levels

Electric Plant Equipment

Finally, every operator knows that a construction site can get very loud, when a lot of machinery is in operation. Loud sites can also mean more accidents! When using an electric digger, there is virtually no noise at all when operating. Construction workers will now be able to hear any external noises around them, and even be able to communicate better with other workers.

With every advantage, always comes a disadvantage, but who said they are true! Most individuals will say that the plant equipment may run out of charge or they will have nowhere to charge it. We can safely say that electric diggers are built with large capacity batteries, allowing them to hold a charge of up to 8 hours work. Most sites will have a generator of some sort, meaning that the machinery will be able to be charged. Problem solved!

Electric diggers currently available on the market

Elise 900 – Electric Skid Steer Loader

In recent construction news, the only battery-powered skid steer loaders have become available in the UK. The Elise 900 is built with either a 240Ah or a 400Ah battery, running up to 8 hours.  Released by Slovakian company, Kovaco, the Elise 900 is fitted with a two joystick remote controller, or it can be operated using a standard smartphone.

Volvo EXR25 – Excavator

Along with popular manufacturer JCBVolvo have also recently released an electric digger. The Volvo ECR25  is a compact excavator that has a 20kWh battery that is capable of 4 hours work before the need to charge up.

Brokk – The original electric digger

Materhitch Brokk Attachments

With all this talk of electric diggers, lets not forget the original electric digger, the Brokk range. In 1976, the Brokk brand was developed. In 1981, the Brokk 250 emerged as the first remote controller demolition machine. Although they aren’t completely on the same page with batteries, the Brokk brand are plugged in, and are fully electric. They have been used for projects that are in noise-sensitive areas, including urban and built up areas. Will this become the new norm for electric diggers? 

Here at Masterhitch, we can offer customers brokk buckets and attachments for their machinery. Not only this, we also offer brokk repairs, for anyone not wanting to buy replacement parts.  

Plant accessories available at Masterhitch

Are you now thinking about switching to electric? Not so fast. Have you thought about attachments for your plant equipment?

When you buy excavator buckets and attachments from us you’ll be guaranteed maximum productivity and up time. All of our plant accessories are made using British Standard Steel and state-of-the-art equipment.

Trapezoidal Buckets

If you‘re looking to buy an electric digger, ensure you buy high quality attachments to pair with them. We would highly recommend investing in trapezoidal buckets. They are a great addition to have on any site, depending on the type of tasks you need to do.

Digger Breaker

9 out of 10 times, diggers are used on a site that will involve demolition work at some point of the process. The Masterhitch Digger Breaker can be made to fit 1 – 80 tonne machines. They are highly effective at breaking up concrete, rock and other hard material that require breaking down. When you buy a Digger Breaker from Masterhitch, you will have peace of mind knowing that the durability will not be affected.

Ram Guards

Now you’ve invested in a machine, protect it! Ram guards made at Masterhitch can fit onto any size machine. We also provide the option of having them welded on, or just bolted onto the ram.

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division of H.E. Group. With over 3500 various items of plant equipment, there will be a machine to suit all types of projects. H.E. SERVICES operate on a 3 year policy, whereby machines are replaced once they reach 3 years of age. Therefore, ensuring that their customers are receiving only the best plant equipment on their construction site. 

If you’re looking to hire any of the following, we would highly recommend getting in touch with the team:

  • Excavators
  • Dumpers
  • Rollers
  • Telehanders
  • Skid steers
  • Backhoe Loaders

Get a quote today by emailing or calling H.E. SERVICES on: 0208 804 2000.

About Diggerland


Diggerland Theme Park is a well known sister company of ours, that have 4 UK based parks. With a range of 20 different rides and drives on site, children and adults can be let loose on construction machinery.

Being the only construction based family day out in the UK, we are on hand to assist with every bespoke digger attachment and bucket that may be required for the plant equipment. 

Spindizzy is just one example of the type of work we have completed. Here at Masterhitch we have custom built a bucket to fit a Komatsu PC210 excavator for customers to sit in to enjoy the ride. Unfortunately no work as of yet for any electric diggers! 

In the not so distant future, Diggerland are hoping to upgrade their fleet of diggers to include hybrid and electric diggers. 

About BuyADigger

Are you looking for a second hand electric digger? BuyADigger would normally be the company to go to. Unfortunately as H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd and Diggerland have not expanded their fleet to include electric diggers as of yet, BuyADigger has none for sale at the moment.

However, you can buy standard diggers and other plant equipment. When you buy a machine from BuyADigger you will benefit from:

  • A machine with low hours that is in excellent condition
  • 3 months warranty on all major components
  • International delivery if requested
  • Fully serviced machine with all the required documents

Take a look at the range of construction machinery available, and get in touch with the sales team today. If you would like an additional quote to include any of our excavator buckets or attachments, they can also accommodate this.

Get in touch with the sales team today on: mail@buyadigger.com or call them on: 01634 779123. 

Contact the Masterhitch team

Our expert team of designers will work closely with you to meet your every requirement. When you buy a digger attachment from us, you’ll be guaranteed high quality and durability, due to our expert welders and state of the art machines. 

If you would like to get a quote from us email: sales@masterhitch.co.uk or call us on: 01634 290022.

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Pallet forks for excavators – What are the advantages?

Pallet forks

Welcome back to the latest Masterhitch blog post. This week we focus on the use of pallet forks on a digger, and how an operator can benefit from using them. With a large variety of bespoke excavator attachments already on the market, companies may find it difficult to pick what they need for a project.

Want to know the benefits of using pallet forks? Keep reading to find out more!

What are pallet forks?

Adjustable Reversible Forks - Masterhitch UK

Pallet forks are the difference between using a forklift and using an excavator with an attachment. Although both pieces of equipment will complete the same tasks, choosing pallet forks will mean that only one type of machine is needed.

Pallet forks are commonly used on construction sites to lift up packaged goods such as bricks. It is also great for placing items into an overhead storage container. On farms and agricultural land where barrels of hay need moving, pallet forks are utilised.

They are made with two forks to support the weight of the material being carried, making it easy to transport. 

Will they fit my excavator?

Here at Masterhitch, we have a range of pallet forks that fit 7 – 45 tonne excavators. Although our standard sizes will not always fit everyone’s requirements, we can manufacture bespoke excavator attachments to fit a particular specification.

We also make the pallet forms to fit our Hook Quick Hitch but they can be made to fit standard pin fittings.

Advantages of using pallet Forks

Why can’t a forklift or even a telehandler be used instead we hear you ask? Would you want to use more than one machine when you have everything you need already? Having the choice to easily change and use various attachments instead will be better in the long run. By using the existing machines and investing instead in attachments, will help to keep costs down.

Another advantage of using a pallet fork attachment is that they can fit into smaller areas that telehandlers may not be able to. Using tracked machines provide the operator with more stability, making moving goods over uneven ground even easier.

Not only do we make pallets forks, we can make them adjustable and reversible. When carrying heavy materials around, it is ideal to have the options of the forks facing the operator. Using this feature will stop anything falling off. The pallet forks made to fit 35 – 45 tonne machines have the ability to lift up to 4200KG in one go.

We would highly recommend investing in pallet forks, especially for  a construction site. Once you experience the adaptability of them, you’ll never look back!

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the UK’s largest specialist digger hire company. With a fleet of over 3500 machines and 10 UK based depots, they are always on hand should you wish to hire machines on a short or long term basis. 

When you hire machines from H.E. SERVICES you will benefit from the following:

  • 58 point pre-hire inspection checks
  • All machines are within 3 years – guaranteeing the best machines for hire
  • 24 hour service for account customers
  • All machines will arrive complete with all maintenance, service and test certificates
  • Expert operators can also be provided if needed

The majority of their customers enquire about bespoke excavator attachments, and pallet forks are a popular choice for many hires. Contact the sales team today on: 0208 804 2000 or email: nhc@heservices.co.uk

About BuyADigger

We work very closely with our sister company, BuyADigger. If you’re looking to buy plant equipment as well as the attachments you’ve come to the right place. BuyADigger has a range of plant equipment that is in excellent condition with low hours. They are able to deliver their machines internationally to customers all over the world. Another benefit of buying machinery from BuyADigger is that all of the machines are fully serviced and come with a 3 month warranty on all major components. 

If you’re looking to buy any of the following equipment:

  • Excavators
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders

Get in touch with the sales team today on: mail@buyadigger.com or call them on: 01634 779123. 

Contact the Masterhitch team

Our expert team of designers will work closely with you to meet your every requirement. When you buy a digger attachment from us, you’ll be guaranteed high quality and durability, due to our expert welders and state of the art machines. 

If you would like to get a quote from us email: sales@masterhitch.co.uk or call us on: 01634 290022.

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Standard pin buckets here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Standard Pin Buckets - Masterhitch Europe Ltd

When it comes to a project, there are plenty of excavator buckets to choose from. Each bucket will provide a different use, giving the operator plenty of choice for plant equipment. The most common buckets among the construction world are standard pin buckets. Here’s why the original buckets are normally the best!

What are standard pin buckets?

Standard pin buckets are the most common type of excavator bucket used on a construction site. They are used for the following purposes:

  • Digging and moving soil and other materials
  • Lifting rocks and heavier material
  • Grading soil and other surfaces

Our standard pin buckets are made to the highest quality, with an immense amount of precision by our expert engineers. All of our buckets are made to be used for the most complex and challenging jobs.

They are also made to fit all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) hitches and couplers. 

View our technical specifications table for our standard pin buckets.

Other buckets available at Masterhitch

Depending on the type of project, standard pin buckets aren’t always up to the job. Sometimes operators find themselves needing other options in order to complete the project. Here at Masterhitch, we can also offer the following choices of buckets:

Excavator Buckets - Trapezoidal Bucket

Trapezoidal Buckets

trapezoidal bucket is used primarily for digging trenches and creating drainage ditches. The unique V shape of the buckets allows the operator to cleanly carve out trench walls, without damaging any nearby objects. 

Due to the type of tasks, this bucket is made with additional reinforcement. With a high level of stress and pressure on specific components, only the best British Standard Steel is used to create the buckets.

Riddle Buckets 

Excavator Buckets - Riddle Bucket

Riddle buckets are perfect for any tasks that require materials to be sorted through. For example, separating rocks and soil can be a very tedious task if the operator doesn’t have the correct plant accessories to hand.

Masterhitch Riddle buckets can be made as standard to fit 7, 14, 21 & 30 tonne machines. Although, we are more than happy to draw up designs for buckets outside of these measurements. 

About H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are part of H.E. Group. They are well known in the industry for digger and construction machine hire. Being the UK’s largest excavator plant hire company, and having a wide variety of machinery on the fleet, H.E. SERVICES are the company to go to. Quite often, customers will enquire about digger hire, as well as additional attachments. Due to the versatility of standard pin buckets, they are a very popular choice. 

Finally, if you’re ready to hire a digger, get in contact with the sales team today.

About BuyADigger

BuyADigger is also part of H.E. Group. Selling equipment from the likes of Diggerland and H.E. SERVICES, they have some excellent machines for sale. 

The machines on offer include:

  • Excavators (Mini, Midi, Long Reach, Tracked)
  • Telehandlers
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Backhoe Loaders

When you buy used machines from BuyADigger, you will be receiving machines that have low hours, are fully serviced, have a 3 months warranty and only have one previous owner. 

Contact the team for a quote, should you require any new additions to your fleet. 

Contact Masterhitch Europe Ltd

If you’re looking to buy a digger bucket, then contact the team at Masterhitch today. Our team of experts will be able to manufacture high quality attachments to suit your requirements.

Give us a call on: 01634 290022 or email us.
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How to get the most out of your plant accessories

Plant Accessories - Selector Grab

When you’re looking to invest in plant accessories, you’ll always want to get the best value for money, yet the best quality as well to ensure it lasts. Plant equipment is expected to be durable. It can also come down to the operator and how they are using the equipment. With our quick easy guide, operators can make the most of their plant accessories and get as much life out of them as possible.

Research size of machinery and plant accessories

Before plant accessories are purchased, it is always a good idea to research the size of machine needed. Excavator attachments are made to fit a certain size machinery, therefore it is important to know what you require beforehand. 

Digger bucket

It is vital to compare the various measurements, including but not limited to:

  • Digging depth
  • Digging reach
  • Lifting capacity

For example, using a machine that has a low maximum digging depth will put strain on the digger bucket, decreasing the life of the attachment.  

The advantage of buying digger attachments at Masterhitch is that we can produce plant accessories to suit your requirements. Whether you have a Komatsu PC26 or a Liugong 922E, we can accommodate your needs.

Use the right plant equipment for the job at hand

It is beneficial to have a list of tasks that need to be completed. Doing this will ensure you think about the type of digger attachments and buckets you may require. Using the wrong type of attachment could result in damage if it is not used for the correct purposes.

You wouldn’t choose to use a grapple instead of tree shears to remove trees, so why would you use plant accessories that aren’t suitable for the necessary task?

Know your machinery

If you’re looking to purchase machinery as well as plant accessories, ensure you research into the company and the machines for sale. When looking at plant equipment, be sure to check:

Komatsu PC138
  • Age of machine
  • The condition of the machine
  • Parts that may have recently been replaced or need replacing

Buying machinery from a trusted supplier will limit the chances of buying faulty construction equipment. It will likely need replacing in the near future otherwise. 

If you’re looking to buy used construction machinery, we would highly recommend our sister company, BuyADigger. Part of the H.E. Group, BuyADigger manages the sales of used equipment to the global market.

With a high rating on Trustpilot, their customers are left extremely satisfied with machines that are in excellent condition, that are fully serviced and have low hours.

Clean your plant accessories

Maintenance is required to increase the life expectancy of construction equipment. Cleaning off any dried mud or debris will stop parts of your attachments seizing up and breaking.

Storage is also key to long lasting plant accessories. Although equipment is made to be durable against all weather conditions, storing can keep the equipment in good condition for longer.

Replace parts when required

Replacing plant accessories can be expensive, and we would only do this as a last resort. Although we can provide high quality new attachments to meet your specifications, we can also offer digger attachment and bucket repairs. 

If a part needs repairing, we can do this for you at a fraction of the cost of buying something from new.

Use only high quality plant accessories

Lastly, we would advise only buying equipment from legit attachment and digger bucket manufacturers. Not every company is as trusted as they may seem, and the last thing anyone wants is a second hand attachment that is only going to last for a few weeks.

Here at Masterhitch, we use state of the art equipment to produce the best quality plant accessories for our customers. Our team of industry experts always aim to exceed customer expectations, and guarantee longevity of all of our products.

Along with plant repairs we can also profile cutting and bucket rehangs, should you require any of our bespoke services.

If you want a quote for any of our products email us today or give us a call on: 01634 290022.

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Why should you use Cab Guards?

Cab Guards

On many occasions, construction workers have returned to site to find their machines have been vandalised, or even stolen. As technology and equipment advances, individuals have discovered easy ways of protecting their equipment. Introducing the Masterhitch Cab Guards, that are the latest innovative product to ensure you arrive back to your excavators and other plant machinery.

What are Cab Guards?

Cab Guards

Cab Guards are primarily used for the protection of excavators that are left overnight on a construction site, or to stop any damage happening to the windscreen of the digger.

They are made of British Standard Steel, which is perfect for longevity and makes them incredibly durable. Each cab guard is specifically designed to match the shape of the cab, which will vary depending on the brand of machine.

Due to the strong and robust design of the cab guards, they are becoming very popular, and are commonly seen on construction sites, and areas that are likely to be broken into. If you’re worried about leaving plant machinery on site, they are the ultimate plant accessory to protect them.

Advantages of using Cab Guards on a demolition site

Cab Guards would normally be used when a digger is left near or next to a quarry or anywhere that has unstable materials. They are not only useful in stopping vandals stealing equipment, they will also protect the windscreen from smashing, and causing damage from any falling rocks.

Advantages of using Cab Guards on a construction site

It is always a daunting feeling leaving diggers and other construction machinery on site, that is needed for long term projects. However, when construction companies choose to use cab guards it will offer peace of mind, and even potentially lower insurance costs.

We wouldn’t also advise leaving any valuables in the operator’s cab overnight, but if you really had to they would be safe with the help of the cab guards. All reputable machine manufacturers recommend investing in Cab Guards for machinery.

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division of H.E. Group. From excavators to dumpers, customers can hire a large range of plant equipment for competitive prices. All of their machines will arrive on site with full certification of Testing, Maintenance and Service. When you hire from H.E. SERVICES you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve hired the highest-quality machines from industry experts.

Lastly, they will even offer customers the choice of hiring qualified operators, to ensure the job gets done quickly and effectively. 

When you hire from H.E. SERVICES , the sales team can give you a quote for any plant equipment including buckets and attachments to use alongside the machines. If you’re looking to hire cab guards from them, you’re in luck. We can supply our Masterhitch Cab Guards to all H.E. SERVICES customers to hire.

BuyADigger Ltd

BuyADigger, the sales division of H.E Group, offers used excavators and other construction equipment to the global market. H.E. SERVICES operate on a 3 year policy, whereby all machines are replaced after this time. The used machines are then passed onto the sales team at BuyADigger to resell.

When buying from BuyADigger, customers will be guaranteed to receive the following benefits:

  • Machines with low hours and in excellent condition
  • 3 months warranty on all major components
  • Fully serviced machinery with only one previous owner
  • If delivery is requested, they will be able to arrange this

If you’re looking to expand your fleet, then give the team a call on: 01634 779123 or send them an email.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we are the leaders in the design and manufacture of excavator attachments and buckets. With an ever growing portfolio of plant accessories, we are sure we could produce something to suit everyone. The newest additions to our fleet include:

When you have expensive plant equipment on site, the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Our Cab Guards are made to fit 14, 20 and 34 tonne machines. There is scope for guards outside of these sizes. If you have an excavator outside of our standard sizes, please get in touch with us and we will be able to bespoke manufacture the cab guards to meet your requirements.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for cab guards, contact the Masterhitch team today via email or give us a call on: 01634 290022.

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The Masterhitch Pile Cropper

Masterhitch Pile Cropper

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd we create the best bespoke excavator attachments to fit your machines. The Masterhitch pile cropper is a popular must-have digger attachment that all construction fleets should have. Here’s why…

What is a pile and what is the purpose of one?

Piles can be made of various materials including wood, concrete or steel, and are recognised as cylindrical poles. They are pushed into the ground, and a structure is built on top of them. They are designed to support buildings in areas that have weak soil. When piles are placed in the ground, they are often topped with a cap that is made of concrete to keep the group of piles together and sturdy.

 How does the Pile Cropper work?

If you work within the construction industry, you’ll likely have come across the pile cropper already. The design of the attachment varies from company to company. You may have seen designs for a square pile cropper, as well as a round pile cropper which will enable you to safely and efficiently cut concrete piles to your required size. Here at Masterhitch our digger attachment is complete with four jaws, resulting in better grip for the operator.

The Masterhitch pile cropper will fit over concrete piles up to 600mm in diameter. It is designed to break the concrete on a pile to gain access to the reinforcement bars inside. To view the design in detail, take a look at our Youtube channel.

If you’re open minded, the attachment could also be used for other purposes, due to the increased grip. The operator could also complete other tasks such as picking up materials and even for demolition. This will reduce the need for multiple digger attachments on site.

An alternative to the pile cropper is a breaker attachment, although both accessories will produce the same outcome.

Which machine sizes will it fit?

We have made the pile cropper to fit 14 and 20 tonne excavators. It can fit larger excavators as it hangs from a shackle point rather than a hitch. If you have any requirements beyond our standard sizes, please contact us as we can bespoke manufacture the attachment to suit your needs.

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd

H.E. SERVICES (Plant Hire) Ltd are the hire division for H.E. group. They are the UK’s largest specialist excavator hire company, with over 3500 items of plant and 10 UK based depots, you’ll be guaranteed plenty of choice when it comes to hiring. H.E. SERVICES have the following types of plant equipment available to hire:

  • Excavators (Mini/Midi, Tracked, Long Reach)
  • Rollers
  • Dumpers
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders

If you’re looking to hire machinery then contact H.E. SERVICES today. The team will be able to give you a quote for our Masterhitch Pile Cropper alongside the machine.

BuyADigger Ltd

When machines are purchased for H.E. SERVICES and they reach three years old, H.E. Group will purchase new machines for their fleet. The team at BuyADigger are given all of the used construction machinery to sell on.

When you buy machinery from BuyADigger you will benefit from:

  • Young plant machinery averaging 3 – 5 years old
  • Machines in excellent condition
  • Fully serviced machines
  • Machines with only one previous owner
  • International delivery upon request
  • 3 months warranty on all major components

If you speak to the team at BuyADigger, they can provide you with a quote to buy your very own Masterhitch Pile Cropper.

About Masterhitch Europe Ltd

The dedicated and experienced team at Masterhitch will do their utmost to ensure you receive the best digger attachments and buckets for the job at hand. As we design and manufacture all of our bespoke plant equipment we have an in-depth knowledge of the products we supply.

We can provide digger attachments to construction companies in the UK, as well as offering the option of delivery to other customers based in Europe. Additionally, we can guarantee that all of our plant equipment is made to the highest quality with the state of the art equipment in our workshop.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for the pile cropper, contact the Masterhitch team today via email or give us a call on: 01634 290022.

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Digger attachments for latest affordable new build homes scheme

New homes

The latest government announcement involves the kick start of new homes being built. Only recently have companies begun operating again, but what will the latest announcement mean to you?

Latest Government Announcement

As the economy rapidly plummets, Boris Johnson has revealed the latest attempt to get the economy back on track.

Along with the VAT reduction for the leisure and hospitality industry, a housing scheme has also been introduced. A 12 billion pound affordable home scheme will be rolled out for first time buyers. This would aim to support up to 180,000 new build homes. 

Along with an affordable scheme, small construction companies will be given 450 millions pounds to fund housing developments.

Schools have also been given a one billion pound fund for repairs and any required upgrades. 

The government has announced that they will plant up to 30,000 hectares of trees for the environment. The best, suitable digger attachments will be needed to get the job done efficiently.

How will the housing scheme work? 

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder, then you’re in luck!

Affordable homes will be built around the UK for all first-time buyers. The only difference will be that a 30% discount will be applied to the property.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the buyer who benefits from the discount. When the home is sold the next occupants will also get the discount on the home.

As new build homes are increasing, companies will need extra plant equipment as well as digger attachments. Companies will need to be cost effective, and what better way than to add resourceful attachments.

Digger attachments available from Masterhitch Europe Ltd

Here at Masterhitch Europe Ltd, we have a range of digger attachments available to suit all construction projects. What attachment would you choose for building homes?

Adjustable Reversible Forks

Reversible Forks - Digger Attachments

Firstly, with operators, materials and even machines, a housing development site can get pretty packed. Limit the amount of different machines needed and opt for the adjustable reversible forks. This specific attachment will take on the same tasks as a telehandler. It can be attached to any digger, limiting the need for excess amounts of machines on site.

Make the most of the versatile equipment and carry materials around with the forks facing towards the operator. This will eliminate any accidents happening on site, it will also stop any loose materials falling off the forks.

The adjustable reversible forks can be created to fit 7 to 45 tonne machines.

Concrete Pourer

The latest addition is the concrete pourer. With two spouts, the operator has the freedom to select which way the concrete or other material is poured. 

Concrete Pourer - Digger Attachment

The concrete pourer is made as standard to fit machines from 8 to 24 tonnes. On a construction site, machines would typically be this size.

This particular attachment is unique to the construction market. Give it a go today and make your construction projects easier. View the concrete pourer in action.

Excavator Buckets

If you’re looking to buy a digger bucket we have plenty of options to choose from. Select standard pin buckets for everyday tasks such as lifting and transporting materials. We also have tilting buckets available to fit into tighter spaces.

Digger attachments

The ground on housing sites will need to be flat, and digger buckets are also great for grading.

As trusted digger bucket manufacturers, all of our buckets are of excellent quality and are incredibly durable. At Masterhitch, we can also suggest bucket sizes to suit your needs.

About BuyADigger Ltd

We work very closely with our sister company BuyADigger Ltd, who are also part of H.E. Group.

The sales team offer a large range of used plant machines including:

  • Excavators
  • Dumper Trucks
  • Rollers
  • Telehandlers
  • Backhoe Loaders

Buy extra plant equipment for your fleet today!

Why should you purchase digger attachments from Masterhitch Europe Ltd?

Buying digger attachments shouldn’t be difficult, so here at Masterhitch we make the process easy.

We aim to make high quality products for our customers, so if you have any requirements then let us know. Our expert engineers will always aim to exceed the customer’s expectations. In addition, we can also offer the other services including:

  • Ram Guard Replacements
  • Quick Hitches
  • Profile Cutting
  • Brokk repairs

If you’re looking to buy digger attachments then contact a member of the team today for a quote.

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Digger attachments for farming and agriculture

JCB digger on a farm

Farming and agriculture is needed more than ever in this difficult and uncertain time. As we deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, digger attachments for farming and agriculture are essential now more than ever. 

As countries cease imports and exports, people need feeding and UK farmers are being relied upon to fulfill those requirements. 

Farming and agricultural businesses want to be able to use the right tools for the job. We’ve broken down our top suggestions for achieving your farming and agricultural needs. 

Adjustable Reversible Forks

Reversible Forks - Digger Attachments

You may not have a telehandler on site, however you still need to lift barrels of hay and other feed for your animals or be able to lift pallets. That’s where forks come in very handy. They attach quickly and easily to many diggers such as a JCB Mini Digger or a Komatsu PC80. As well as much larger tracked or wheeled excavators such as a Komatsu PC210 or JCB Hydradig

The adjustable reversible forks that we can provide, can be made for use with any excavator from 7 to 45 tonnes. 

The benefit of using adjustable reversible forks as opposed to any other fork attachment, is that adjustable reversible forks can be used with the load either facing towards or away from the machine. You may for example be travelling downhill or driving the digger down into a ditch. Having the forks and load facing the operator provides additional safety and protects the load from sliding off the attachment. Turn the attachment around and you’re all set for offloading. 

By using the existing machinery and investing instead in attachments, will help to keep costs down. As our friends at Tesco say, ‘every little helps’!

Power Rakes 

Power Rakes - Digger Attachment

The power rake is one of many digger attachments that is perfect for farming and agricultural needs . Perfect for sorting and raking out weeds, roots and branches, the power rake is as versatile as it is useful. You’ll have your fields ready for plowing and laying crops in no time.

Just like the adjustable reversible forks, the power rakes can be made by Masterhitch to fit 7 to 45 tonne machines. They can also be custom made to fit other machine sizes. Literally no job is too big or too small for the Masterhitch team!

Digger Buckets

Excavator Buckets

Buckets aren’t only used for lifting earth, digging holes and backfilling. You may be looking to dig a trench in order to lay crops in a nice neat line. Alternatively a trench could be used to plant trees for the likes of growing apples or just to provide shade or cover for vegetation that responds well to this type of environment. Digging trenches in the farm serves multiple purposes. From serving as rain water harvesting pits to protecting the seeds and saplings planted in them, this is where a digger with a bucket comes in handy. 

At Masterhitch, we make buckets to meet a wide range of requirements. Depending on your machine type and size, we can suggest the bucket size you will need for the job at hand. 

Riddle buckets are perfect for tasks that involve the sort or processing of multiple materials. This includes vegetation or any other debris that needs separating from soil. They’re ideal buckets for landscaping in particular. 

Custom Made Digger Attachments

Some great equipment is used in farming and agriculture, such as a forklift sweeper, bale grabs, plows and seed spreaders. If any of your attachments need replacing or there’s something not quite out on the market and you need a team to design and make something specific, then get in touch. 

Our design team will work with you to ensure your every need is fully met. Our fabricators and welders will also manufacture your custom equipment using the latest and state of the art machines. 

Customers are more than welcome to visit the Masterhitch design office and workshop. Simply call ahead to book in a date and time, and our team will happily assist. 

Contact The Masterhitch Team

Give us a call today on 0208 804 2000 or email sales@masterhitch.co.uk